How to Change Steam Location or Country on Steam Profile

  • To change steam country on Profile -> Open Steam -> Click on friend tab menu -> Under locations -> Click on Drop down menu and change location to other country.
  • If you want to change location using vpn then you need to use a vpn and change location as well.

On your steam you can easily change country and location on profile settings easily and change location and change country and region and change it from profile settings and change steam region without vpn. So, let’s see in detail below.

How to Change Steam Location or Country on Steam Profile

By default steam location will be set to recommended and this is the best location settings on your steam profile and you can change these locations on steam profile as well and sometime you may be banned if you change your steam location often or if you are using vpn .So, its recommended to read steam policies and don’t get banned for changing steam location.

Change Steam Country on Profile

Step 1: Open steam on your windows computer

Step 2: Click on Friends tab on top menu

Step 3: Now, Click on Edit profile name/avatar.

Step 4: Scroll down to the location section.

Step 5: Under Location → Click on the drop down and select the country that you want to change from the list of available countries on your steam profile.

That;s it, this is how you change the steam country location on your steam profile.

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Do you need VPN for Steam?

Yes! You need vpn if you want to change location and block you r location and steam content and keep your data safe and bypass geo location and play games using vpn on steam.

Can you get banned for using VPN on steam

You wont get banned if you use vpn on steam and you need to be careful when you are using vpn and it only changes location and changes ip’s and most of the steam users use vpn and change their ip frequently. 

Also you need to make a note that steam can be banned for violation of their location rules and services for AGS games and due to licensing issues or copyright issues.

How to Change Steam Region Without Credit Card

You need to use a good vpn and connect the vpn to server that you need to change location and login to your steam and update your location.


Steam region change cooldown

Steam allows you to change region for every 3 months cooldown period. 

How often can you change the Steam store region?

3 Months 

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