How to Backup and Restore Your Games on Steam

  • To backup and restore your games on steam -> Open steam and go to the library -> Right click on Games Installed -> Select Properties -> Local files -> Click on backup files and select destination.
  • To Restore backup files on steam -> Open steam -> Click on Steam on top menu bar -> Click on Restore Backup files -> Select backup steam Destination and restore files of steam.
  • You can also backup steam files to other computer by copying all steam files folder to another computer and replacing the steam folder on another computer.

On your windows 10 or 11 computer if you have playing games using steam and you want to backup games on from steam then you can use backup and restore games option and backup files on your computer or default steam folder or on external drive and backup games files from your steam on your windows computer. So, lets see in detail below.

Sometimes, when you are playing games steam doesn’t respond or there may be any issue and cant open steam or any serious issues and you need to reset steam or uninstall and reinstall in some cases and if you have backup files of steam account then this will restore your games on steam without losing files or game data which comes very handy or time saver.

Backup and Restore Your Games on Steam

Follow below steps to back up and restore your games on steam without losing them and backup games files 

How to Backup Games on Steam

Step 1: Open Steam on your windows computer

Step 2: Click on Library menu on top

Step 3: Now, On the left side menu -> Right Click on the Game and click on properties.

Step 4: Click on Local Files and Click on Backup Game files.

Step 5: You will see how much disc size is required and also you can select the files that you wish to include in backup.

Step 6: Click on Next and click on Browse and select the destination folder that you want to save the backup

Step 7: Click on Next and wait for the backup to complete.

That’s it this is how you backup your games on steam and it can be any game you can backup and restore it on your steam.

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Restore Games on Steam

Once you are done taking backup then you need to restore backup files and to do that

Step 1: Open steam on your windows computer.

Step 2: Click on Steam on top menu

Step 3: Now, click on Backup and Restore Games

Step 4: In popup -> Select radio button next to Restore a Previous option and click on Next

Step 5: Click on the Browser button and select the backup file location where you have saved your steam backup files or folder and select the folder.

Step 6: Click on Next and wait for the restore backup file process to complete.

That’s it, once your restore steam process gets completed then you will not lose any files and files will get restored from previous backup files that you have saved on your computer and this is how you restore backup files of steam on your computer.

How to Backup Steam Games to External Hard Drive

You can also backup backup steam games to external hard drive or usb flash drive or on your desktop and wherever you want and when restoring backup and restore option you nede to select the restore and select the external drive steam games saved location on your external drive.

How to backup steam games to another computer

You can also move steam games to another computer or new computer and to do that first you need to install steam on the other computer or new computer and install steam in windows default folder.

Once you install steam on other computer -> You need to copy all steam game folders to external hard drive or ssd or any USB flash drive and paste them on new computer default steam installation folder.

You can copy or transfer or forward or move steam games to another computer and open steam and start playing games on steam without losing data and move steam games to another computer or device.

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