How to ​​Enable the Steam Overlay

  • To enable the steam overlay -> Open steam on your computer -> Home -> Settings -> In-Game option -> Click the check box next to enable the steam overlay while playing games to enable steam.
  • To disable steam you just need to simply uncheck the steam overlay option here.
  • Shortcut key for enable steam overlay by default will be shift+ tab and to take screenshot on steam -> press f12 to capture screenshot while playing game.

If you want to enable steam overlay then you can enable and disable steam overlay easily by opening steam on your windows 10 or 11 computer. Steam overlay is a features that enables you to access steam community and game features while you are playing games. So, let’s see in detail below. 

Enabling steam overlay and game chat and purchase and taking screenshots directly in game. You can also enable and disable steam overlay features on steam using shortcut keys as well which launches steam overlay or enables steam overlay and in order to enable steam overlay you need to enable few other features as well on your steam.

Enable the Steam Overlay

Below steps will help you enable steam overlay on your windows 11 or 10 computer.

Step 1: Open steam on your computer and go to home screen.

Step 2: Now, click on steam menu on top

Step 3: Click on settings

Step 4: In settings -> on left side menu -> click on In-game option.

Step 5: On right side -> find The steam overlay and click the checkbox next to Enable the steam overlay while playing in-game.

Step 6: Click on ok to save changes

That’s it, this is how you enable steam overlay on your steam on windows computer.

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Steam overlay shortcut Keys

Step 1: Open steam and go to settings.

Step 2: Click on IN-Game option on left side

Step 3: On right side -> under The steam overlay section find overlay shortcut keys here.

Step 4: Next to overlay shortcut key -> Shift +Tab.

Step 5: If you want to change these shortcut keys then you can changes these shortcut keys as well.

This is the steam overlay shortcut keys and if you want to enable steam overlay you need to press shift + tab to enable steam overlay on steam while playing games.

Screenshot Shortcut key in the steam overlay

In steam overlay settings you can see the shortcut key to take screenshot while playing game and buy default it will be f12 and when you press f12 it will take screenshot and you can find these screenshot in respective default screenshot folder of steam.

Shortcut to Enable Steam Overlay

You need to press shift + tab here on your keyboard to enable steam overlay and to disable steam overlay you need to press  shift + tab key again.

Steam overlay shortcut not working

If steam overlay shortcut is not working then you need to make sure that your are pressing the same shortcut keys mentioned in the steam overlay settings and if this doesn’t work then you need to change these steam overlay shortcut settings.

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