How to Enable Discord Overlay on Steam


You can enable steam overlays and disable steam overlays on steam and using shortcut keys as well on your windows computer and the same way you can enable discord overlay on steam as well even when you are playing a game in full screen mode and fix issues like discord stuck in full screen mode or playing any game on steam. So, lets see in detail below.

How to Enable Discord Overlay on Steam

You need to link your steam account to your discord account then you can easily enable discord overlay feature on steam and enable discord overlay for steam games and will start showing your discord messages on your steam.

Discord overlay allows you to chat with the group of steam community people and access new features and interact with other users on your PC while playing games and this feature of discord overlay can be enabled and disable discord play when ever your want by just going to settings on your steam on your PC.

Enable Discord Overlay on Steam

Follow below steps to enable discord overlay on steam on your windows computer and which helps you bring quick overlay features on steam when playing games.

That’s it, this is how you enable discord overlay on steam on your windows computer.

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Enable or Disable Discord Overlay Shortcut key

In Game overlay settings on your discord application you will see option shift+’ option as default shortcut key option to enable discord overlay on your discord. You need to press shift+’ and discord overlay will be enabled and press the shortcut key again to disable discord overlay option.

Enable discord overlay on steam mac

To enable discord overlay on mac you need to open discord on your mac and then go to game overlay and then enable by toggling the button next to enable ingame overlay.

Discord overlay shortcut

Shift +’ is the default shortcut key to enable discord overlay on your computer and this will directly enable discord overlay when you press these keys and enable or disable discord overlay on computer.

How to Open Discord Overlay in-game

You need to use shortcut key (shift + ‘ ) or you need to go to game overlay settings on your discord and enable discord overlay.

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