How Do I Change Steam Account Name?

If you have created a steam account and you are wondering how to change steam name then you can simply go to your profile settings and change the steam name and edit and update steam name with new name and save steam account name.

Many people wonder how to change a steam name. You can change the steam name using a web browser by simply logging in and also if you have installed a steam app then also you can change and update or edit steam name easily with new steam name.

How do I find my Steam account name?

To find steam account name -> Click on drop down on top right corner next to notification icon and select Account  Details and it will display your steam account name along with other account settings.

Steam Account Name vs Profile Name

If you are thinking to change steam account name and wondering that what is the difference between steam account name and profile name then there is lot of difference in steam account and profile name.

Steam account name is how steam will know when you login into steam internally (stores your data when you login) and steam profile name is is your user name that will be displayed to everyone on your steam to friends and others when you play game on steam.

Change Steam account name Player Name

Follow the steps below and you will be able to change the steam account name quickly without any hustle.

Step 1: Open steam and login with your steam login details

Step 2: Now, next to the community tab -> you will see your profile details tab and Click on it.

Step 3: Under General -> Profile Name you will see options to change steam name and enter your new steam name that you want to change here

Step 4: Scroll down and click on save at the bottom and your steam name will be changed.

That’s it, this is how you change the steam name and set a new name on steam.

Why can’t I Change my Steam account name?

Your steam profile name can only be changed in profile settings and there is no way that you can change steam id or steam account name.

Is Steam account name the same as Profile Name?

No! Both are not same -> Steam account name is your stream id which is used when you login to steam and account name which is displayed on your steam to others and you can change steam profile name easily by going to profile settings and let your friends identify using steam profile name.

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