How to Change Roku Account Email

You need to have an activated roku account verified email address and due to some reasons if you want to change email address or password of your roku account then you can easily change email address or password on your roku account by going to your account settings and changing email address.

To change your email address on your roku account, you will need to login to your roku account using email address and password to change email address on roku website and if you have forgotten password of your roku account then you can request password reset of your roku account and create new password and login to your roku account to change email address.

How Do I Find My Roku Email Address?

GO to the roku website and you need to login to your roku account and select My account and click on update on bottom on my account section and find your email address in the email address field and if you have lost access or can’t login then you can contact roku support and ask them to help find roku email address to active or request forgot password for your roku account.

Change Roku Account Email and Password

Follow below steps to change the email address of your Roku Account.

Step 1: Go to website and Click on sign in

Step 2: Enter your Roku account email address and password and sign in to your roku account.

Step 3: Once you logged in to your roku account -> Tap on Profile icon on top and select My Account.

Step 4: Under Account Information -> Click on Update button to change email address

Step 5: Now, remove the old email address from here and enter a new email address here and confirm changing the roku account email address and update the new email address and click on save changes.

That is, this is how you change the email address on your Roku account and update the email address with a new email account. 

Can i Change Roku Account Email Address

Yes! You can change your Roku account email address by going to the Roku website and then login with your Roku account and under account information -> click on update and change email address and update it with your new roku account email address. 

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