how to connect samsung tv to wifi without adapter

How to Connect Samsung tv to WIFI Without Adapter

If you are connecting Samsung smart TV to wifi without using any adapter then you might experience or face some frequent interruptions while watching shows, movies or using any apps. The Samsung Smart TV will work good if you have a router Incase if you don’t use a high quality router while connecting TV to wifi then your internet speed will degrade. Follow the below steps to connect your smart TV to wifi without an adapter.

Connect Samsung Smart tv to WIFI Without Adapter

Follow below methods to connect samsung smart tv to wifi without using adaptor

Method 1

Step 1: Connecting smart TV to wifi without adapter is the most basic and straightforward method.

Step 2: Your TV must be turned on to access its menu.

Step 3: Now access network settings by using the network setting link which is under the network menu.

Step 4: After that the next settings page will appear for you. Select Next. By clicking on Next, a special screen will open.

Step 5: From there choose wireless and click on Next once your choosing network password is done then type it in whit box located in new window.

Step 6: Now, you will be able to connect your TV wireless network after entering SSID and press next.

Step 7: If the smart TV is unable to connect to the internet, then try using below procedures.

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Method 2

Step 1: The TV will automatically get connected on your Wifi network as you don’t want to do anything normally. Only thing is WPS button need to be on the router for this process.

Step 2: To get access WPS on your Samsung smart TV, press the network tab and then choose the option.

Step 3: Press the WPS button and then it will connect to your router automatically.

All the methods you have tried but still not connecting then there might be some other problems like.

Step 4: TV Has wifi connection, but it is not working.

Step 5: If your smart TV is first model and has ability to connect wifi but it may not have the latest version of technology.