How to Clear Disney Plus Cache on Samsung Smart tv

  • To clear Disney plus cache on Samsung tv -> Press home button -> Settings -> Select apps from the list -> Storage options -> Select Clear cache fast and click on clear data.

Sometimes you get frustrated if your Disney plus not work on samsung tv. In order to fix this issue you need to clear Disney plus cache on Samsung smart tv. If you’re Disney plus app is not working correctly, you may face video continuously stutters or buffers. Else if you’re video content streaming like ok, then you need to clear cache on Disney plus in Samsung smart tv. Are if you watching Disney plus content in Samsung smart tv through browser, you need to clear cache in that browser. In this post we are providing some ways to clear cache on Disney plus of Samsung smart tv.

How to Clear Disney Plus Cache on Samsung Smart tv

Step 1: Firstly, turn on Samsung smart tv

Step 2: By using Samsung smart tv remote control open the settings option.

Step 3: Next, Select apps option followed by choosing Disney plus.

Step 4: Then go to storage option

Step 5: After that choose storage clear cache fast

Step 6: Next tap on clear data

Clear Cache of Disney plus app using chrome

Step 1: Firstly, open your Google chrome and tap on three dots menu which is available at top of right of the search engine

Step 2: From that menu Tap on more tools and select clear browsing data

Step 3: After that select the option for cached files and images

Step 4: Finally, tap on clear data.

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Clear cache in Disney plus using safari

Step 1: From the menu bar at the top of our screen, tap safari

Step 2: And tap on preferences

Step 3: After opening preferences window, tap on privacy tab and next choose manage website data option

Step 4: Then select remove all

That’s it this is how you clear disney play cache on Samsung Smart tv.

When to Clear Disney Plus Cache on Samsung tv?

If your disney plus app is not responding or keeps on crashing or stuck while watching movies or shows or disney plus responding slow then to get rid of these issues you need to clear cache and clear data of disney plus app to get it working properly.

Why to Clear Disney Plus cache?

If you clear disney plus cache on samsung tv then your disney plus hotstar app will run smoothly without crashing or stuck when watching movies or shows on samsung tv.

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