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How to Fix Task Manager Not Opening on Windows 11/10?

You need to execute cmd commands on your computer -> DISM commands and sfc /scannow and hit enter and wait for the scan to completer.

In Group editor policy settings -> navigate to -> User Configuration -> Administrative templates -> System -> ctrl+Alt+Del options -> set remove task manger to not configured.

On your windows 10 when you try to open task manger by pressing control + Alt + del or ctrl+shift+Esc button on your windows 10 or any by just right clicking on your windows tool bar and select task manger and stop high cpu usage tasks, stop running tasks and services.

If task manager not showing up or task manager not opening and task manager opening with blank screen not showing in process list which are running on your windows 10/11 computer then there are couple of easy methods to fix this issue, let see them in detail below.

You need to update your windows computer to latest version of windows computer and stay uptodate and restart your windows computer and check.

Fix Task Manager Not Opening On Windows 11/10?

By following these below methods you can easily fix task manger not opening or not working issue or task manger taking too much time to open as well.

Restart Your Windows Computer

First thing you need to do is restart your windows computer and wait for windows computer to reboot and then open task manager and check.

After restarting your windows computer your issue of task manager not opening will be fixed.

Update Windows Computer

Open windows settings and go to update and security and check for latest version of windows update is avaialbe and update windows to latest version.

If new version is available and you havent update and running older version then this issue can happen with task manager.

Group Edit Policy Gpedit SMC

Step 1: Click on windows start menu -> search for gpedit.msc or press windows + R button on your computer which brings up run command window -> type in gpedit.msc and hit enter.

Step 2: Open group edit policy -> User Configuration -> Administrative templates.

Step 3: Double click on Administrative templates folder ->Double Click on System folder -> Double click on System

Step 4: Now click on ctrl+Alt+Del options -> on the right side pane you will see -> remove task manger -> go ahead and double click on it -> Select Not Configured and select apply and ok.

That’s it, once you set these settings to not configured then go ahead and restart your computer and open task manger and it will open without any issues.

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Use CMD Commands : DISM and SFC Scan

Step 1: In windows start menu -> type in cmd and right click on it and select run as administrator.

Step 2: In cmd execute this command -> DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and hit enter and wait for the restore operation to complete.

Step 3: Now, run sfc scan -> type in sfc /scannow and hit enter and wait for the scan to complete.

That’s it, once your complete the sfc scan on your windows 10 computer, you will not face any issue opening taskmanger on your windows computer.

Why Task Manager Not Opening on Windows 11/10?

This can be due to lot of factors running on your windows 10 computer, for example a corrupted file or it can be due to any new software’s installed on your computer or task manger virus, or it can also be due to windows 10 update as well. So by following above methods using group edit policy and running cmd commands you can fix these issues successfully.

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