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Reset TPM (trusted platform module) in windows 11 or 10

  • Open Device Security on Windows Computer -> Security Processor details -> Security Processor troubleshooting -> Clear TPM -> Clear TPM Button and enter Pin if prompted and wait for it to restart.
  • Once you reset and Clear TPM then your windows computer keys registered with your windows computer and keys will be erased and bios settings will restore to its default settings.

Windows TPM trusted platform module is a chip which is used for security and data protected in keys and if you are using bit defender then you need to enable TPM Module on windows 11 or windows 10 computer and you can clear and reset TPM module on windows computer as well. 

How to Reset TPM (trusted platform module) in windows 11 or 10

Reset TPM (trusted platform module) in Windows 11 or 10

Below steps will help you reset the TPM module in windows 11 or 10 computer or laptop.

Step 1: Click on Windows search and type in windows security and open it.

in windows search - search for windows security

Step 2: Click on Device Security -> Open device security option (system Settings).

click on device security

Step 3: Under security processor -> Click on Security processor details.

click on security processor details

Step 4: Click on Security processor troubleshooting.

click on security processor troubleshooting

Step 5: Under clear TPM -> Click on Clear TPM Button 

click on clear tpm button

Step 6: Click on clear and Restart and if asked for password or pin then enter windows pin if you set then wait for your windows computer to clear TPM and restart.

click on clear and restart to rest tpm on windows

That’s it, this is how you clear and reset TPM (trusted platform module) in windows 11 or 10 computers.

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What Happens When you Reset trusted platform module TPM on Windows 11 or 10

If you clear and reset the TPM module then it will reset your security processor and it will remove all authorizations and keys stored in the TPM module will be cleared.

When you clear TPM (Trusted Platform Module) then you will lose data, keys and other data.

Does clearing TPM remove the Windows license?

NO! This will not erase windows license keys but it will erase all data and all credentials that are stored in bios settings and it will restore all bios settings to default bios settings just like the new operating system.

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