Fix: Apple Watch Podcasts Says Your Device is Not Connected to Internet

  • When you are connected to podcasts on your apple watch and listening to your favourite podcasts, sometimes apple watch podcasts says your device is not connected to internet even though you are connected to the internet.

The Apple watch which you use is connected to an Apple iphone and that is quite a catch.

These watches cannot get connected to the android phones or Wi-Fi directly. The Apple phone has its own OS and that is quite stable and it is one of the best wearable OS that you can get.

 If there are any issues that an apple update is not working and it is showing that it is not connected to an internet . So , we have brought an certain solutions to fix this problem.

How to Fix Apple Watch Podcasts says your device is not connected to internet

Follow below methods and your issue with listening podcasts on apple watch issue will be fixed.

Solution 1 :  Re-start the Watch

 If your Apple watch is not working and it is showing that it is not connected to an internet so , the first thing you need to do is you need to restart the watch. After restarting the watch it works smoothly, and in the right manner. By restating the watch your problem can be solved. You  need to restart your phone properly and correctly. 

Solution 2 : Restart the Phone

You need to restart your phone by clicking power button on your phone. By doing this you can get rid of the issue that you are facing .

It ensures that it doesn’t have any communication issues on your phone . You will also be able to make sure that there are no issues on the phone that might be avoiding the update for you. 

By restating your phone you can update your downloading and will be installed in the Apple watch with out any problems.

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Solution 3 : Check the Connection

You need to check the connection and internet coverage while your phone and watch are connected with the internet.

There can be a possibility of the weak internet connection and can’t able to get an proper internet coverage on them.

So , it ensures that there will be no issues by updating in your Apple watch.

Solution 4 : MAC Filtering

Another critical part that you need to know about is MAC filtering. 

MAC  filtering  as often ignored as apple watch connects through your phone but it has MAC address of it’s own.

If the MAC filtering is enabled on the router , you need to disable it  and it will make sure that your Apple watch will able to connect to the router and get a right internet coverage.

This can solve most of the problem of update on your Apple watch will download and install without any issues  or problem on it

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