How to Cleanup C Drive in Windows 10

How to Cleanup C Drive in Windows 10

Cleaning up c drive in windows 10 is becomes crucial if you are facing any issues with the performance of  your laptop or computer and cleaning up c drive or local files helps in performance boosts and makes your windows 10 computer/laptop faster as well and clean up files which are not in use or stored in temporary files in windows 10.

How to cleanup C Drive in Windows 10:

You can perform this cleaning up c drive in windows 10 with simple steps very effectively and as fast as possible without using any third party software programs to perform.

Step 1: Click on Start button and right click on run.

Step 2: type temp in run and press enter (You need administrative permissions to perform this action.


Step 3: Now you will see files and folders are all not needed and its created for temporary purpose. You can select all and delete.

Cleanup C drive in windows 10 by %temp%:

Step 1: Open Run and type %temp% now and enter

Step 2: Delete all the files from the %temp% folder also.

Step 3: Select all and Shift+ delete.

Cleanup C drive in windows 10 by prefetch:

Step 1: Open run and type prefetch and press enter.

Step 2: Select all and perform permanent delete by pressing shift + delete.

Cleanup C Drive in windows 10 by Recycle bin:

All the deleted files will be stored in recycle bin without our notice and majority of people will be ignoring or unaware of this, when you delete a while by pressing delete button from keyboard or just by right clicking on delete button it will not be deleted permanently from your computer or laptop and recycle bin will be used by c drive space which will cause your system to perform slow.

Right click on recycle bin and click on empty recycle bin or just open recycle bin folder and select all and press shift+del files from recycle bin for completely cleaning up c drive in windows 10.

Cleanup C Drive in windows 10 by Uninstalling:

Uninstalling rarely used software or programs from your computer which is basically installed into C Drive by default. So by receiving those unwanted programs, you can get a lot more space on your c drive.

Step 1: Go to Control panel -> Add or Remove programs/software

Step 2: Uninstall unnecessary software which you are not using

Cleanup C Drive by Optimize method:

Step 1: Go to This Pc -> File explore and select C Drive

Step 2: Right click on C Drive and select properties

Step 3: Go to tools -> Select Optimize under optimize and defragment drive.

Step 4: A new windows will pop up and make sure that you have selected C Drive here.

Step 5: Click apply and ok and it will cleanup c drive and optimize it for you

Cleanup C Drive by Disk Clean up Method:

Step 1: Start menu and search Disc cleanup.

Step 2: You will be prompted with disk cleanup wizard window.

Step 3: It will perform a quick scan over your C drive and prompts with options which are available to cleanup c drive.

Step 4: Select all options in this window and select Clean up system files and it will perform a deep scan and once it is cleanup c drive for you.

Step 5: click delete and it will delete all files cache, temp, etc.