How to Change computer sleep time windows 10

In windows 10 your computer goes to sleep after certain period of time automatically if your computer is inactive and you can change computer sleep time and set different sleep time and complete off the sleep time as well by changing power and sleep settings in windows 10, so lets see in detail how to change computer sleep time windows 10 below.

Change computer sleep time windows 10:

Step 1: Open start menu and select gear icon (settings).

Info: In windows 10 search bar you can type settings and open settings as well.

Step 2: Now click system in windows settings.

Step 3: On the left side pane select power an sleep.

Step 4: Now on the right side pane you can see all power and sleep settings, like change when plugged in or turn off, Sleep and also save energy mode and battery life.

Step 5: Under Sleep section -> by using drop down select to Never option.

Info: If it is selected to Never, your computer will never goes to sleep off and if you want you can change duration of time as well from 1 minute to 45 minutes.

Step 6: Select sleep time and close power and sleep settings.

That’s it, this is how you change computer sleep time windows 10.

Why to change computer sleep time windows 10

There are many reasons and few of them you can consume and save you laptop battery life and as well as your windows 10 performance.

In few situations if any external hard drive is connected to your laptop or windows 10  computer and when your laptop goes to sleep mode then it will disable the connection and stop your external hard disk which is connected to your laptop as well and also sometimes network settings or WIFI connecting issues like cant connect to this network or unidentified network or WIFI limited access and also you can face issues after windows 10 update WIFI is not working properly.

Can I change windows 10 default sleep settings?

Yes! By navigating to power and sleep settings you can easily change sleep settings and turn it off to never go to sleep mode in windows 10.

Can I disable windows 10 sleep settings?

Yes ! By using windows 10 registry files (regedit) you can disable sleep settings.

Can Power and sleep settings cause  wifi connecting issues or frequent wifi or unidentified network wifi?

Yes! power and sleep settings cause wifi connecting issues and you can change them by few making changing in power and sleep settings in control panel.

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