How to Fix Logitech Options Not Working Mac Monterey

  • To fix logitech options not working on  MacOS Monterey -> Uninstall and reinstall logitech options and download the latest version of logitech options and properly and completely install logitc option on your mac.
  • You need to enable logi options Daemon in input monitoring settings and click the check box next to logi options daemon in security and privacy.
  • From applications folder -> Find logi options app dot app folder -> Right click on logi options app dot folder and click on show package contents -> Execute Logi options Daemon app and your issue of logitech options not working on Mac Monterrey will be fixed.

On your macbook with macOS Monterey when you are trying to connect a bluetooth logitech mouse or any other bluetooth device to your mac and experiencing an issue that your bluetooth is not detecting on your mac Monterey then there are simple and easy solutions to fix ths issue of logitech options not working on mac. So, let’s see in detail below.

Many Apple users experience this isse after they have updated their mac to MacOS monterey and they need to tweak additional settings and enable logi option Daemon on Mac and get rid of this issue of logittech options not working or not detecting bluetooth devices on your macOS monterey.

Fix Logitech Options Not Working Mac Monterey

Below methods will help you fix logistic options not available on mac Monterey OS

Enable Logi Options Daemon in input Monitoring

Step 1: Click on apple logo on top left corner

Step 2: Select Preferences

Step 3: Click on Security and Privacy

Step 4: On left side menu -> Click on input monitoring 

Step 5: Now, click on the lock icon on the bottom of your screen and enter your Mac Password (administration account).

Step 6: Now, select the check box next to logi options Daemon.

Once you enable logi options Daemon from security and privacy settings, then go ahead and check with logitech options are working or not and now your logitech options not working on Mac after updating to MacOS Monterey will be resolved successfully.

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Open Logi Option app folder Run Again

Step 1: On top of apple menu -> click on Go and Select Application Folder

Step 2: Now, right click on logi Options . app folder

Step 3: Select Show Package Contents.

Step 4: Open the contents folder and select Logi options Daemon . app and double click on it and execute the logi options daemon app.

That’s it, once you execute the logi options app folder the you need to execute

Cant  See Logitech Options or Not available

If you cant see logitech options or not available on your Mac then you need to go to system preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Click on the + (Plus) icon and select logitech options Daemon from the apps and click on open and enable logi options Daemon option and click on checkbox next to it.

Logitech Not installed Completely

If you are experiencing this error logitech options not working on macOS monterey or bluetooth devices not detecting on your mac or iMac then you need to download and install latest version of logtech options from official website and if your logitech options are not installed completely then you can experience this issue.

Uninstall and reinstall Logitech Options

You need to uninstall and reinstall logitech options from your Mac and install logitech options again on your computer. 

Why logitech Options Not Working on MacOS Monterey

If logitech options are not installed properly or if few of the settings on your mac are not set correctly and not enable options in permissions and privacy settings and other software issues from MacOS or From logitech itself then it can cause the issues of logitech options not working on Mac and wait until macOS or logitech release the fix with the new version.

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