How to Fix No Input or Output Devices Found on Macbook Pro or Air with MacOS Monterey 


On your macbook pro or air macOS Monterey if you have connected your external drive or external speakers or external monitor and you get to see no input or output devices found on macOS Monterey then you can fix this error on your own by just following these quick and easy solution and get rid of no output devices found mac Monterey or bug sur or any macOS.

If you get this error no input or output device found or external monitor or speaker then you need to first check if the cables are not faulty and restart your macOS also you need to check with permissions with system preferences and check.

Fix No Input orOutput Devices Found on Macbook Air or Pro Monterey

Below troubleshooting methods will help you fix this no input or output device found when connected to macbook macOS monterey when connecting external speakers or external monitor or any other issues when connecting to macbook pro or air having macOS Monterey.

Faulty Cables

If you are connecting speakers or external monitor using cables and you get to see no input or output device found then you need to replace the cable and check for faulty cables and check the issue of no input or output device found error.

Use Terminal

Step 1: Open mac Terminal using finder or spotlight search and open it.

Step 2: In Mac Terminal enter this command -> sudo killall coreaudio and hit enter.

Step 3: Now, restart your mac using apple menu -> restart and  confirm restart.

That’s it, once you execute these commands you need to restart your mac and once your mac restarts then go ahead and check, your issue of no input or output device found error on your mac with macOS Monterey will be resolved successfully.

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Step 1: You need to shut down your mac -> Apple menu -> Shutdown -> confirm shutdown.

Step 2: Now, wait for few seconds and press power button.

Step 3: Now, immediately -> press command + P + R Keys at the same time until you hear startup sound for second time.

Step 4: Hold down the keys until you see apple log for second time.

Step 5: Wait for your mac to restart and it can take up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Reset SMC

If you are using intel based Mac with T2 Chip

Step 1: Shut down your mac using apple menu

Step 2: Now, immediately press and hold shift + control + option + Power button simultaneously for 10 to 15 seconds and release the keys.

Step 3:  Now, turn on your Macbook using power button.

If you are Mac with Apple Silicon

Step 1: Connect your Mac to power source.

Step 2: Restart your Mac with via apple menu -> Restart while charging.

Create User Account

Try to create user account and provide administrator privileges and check input or output devices found error on your macbook will be resolved.

Execute Commands Using Terminal 

Step 1: Open terminal on your Macbook

Step 2: Execute -> sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext and enter your macbook password hit enter.

Step 3: Now, executer -> sudo kextload/System/Library/Extension/AppleHDA.kext

Step 4: Now, go ahead and restart your Mac and your issue of no input device found or output device found will be resolved successfully.

Use Safe Mode 

You need to restart your macbook pro or air in safe mode and once you restart your mac in safe mode you issue of no input or output found on macOS monterey will be resolved and to exit safe mode simply you need to restart your mac and exit safe mode.

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