5 Ways to Fix MacBook Pro M1,M2,M3 or Air Won’t Turn on or Charge

If your macbook is connected to AC power adapter and when you turn on MacBook it doesn’t start up or it shows only black screen or shows no power then you need to reset SMC on mac M1, M2, M3 chip MacBook pro or air.

You can also see MacBook pro sometimes shows green light but not charging no charging then you can try reset SMC settings, Reset PRAM and even connect your iPhone with USB cable try to charge or power up your MacBook and connect your macbook pro or Air to lightening cable.

These below method works for all models of MacBook, like MacBook pro wont turn on or charge, macbook air wont turn on or charge or any other model and also experience issues like macbook air not turning on but charging or MacBook black screen.

MacBook M1 Pro or Air Wont Turn On or Charge

Reset SMC (system management controller)

Reset PRAM

Connect iPhone via USB

Change MacBook Charger

MacBook Pro Overheated and Wont turn on

Solution 1: Reset System Management Controller SMC

  1. to reset plug in the power adapter.
  2. Press and hold shift + control + option + power buttons release the keys at the same time.
  3. Then press the power button to turn on your Mac.

Solution 2: Reset PRAM

  1. Press the power button
  2. Press and hold command + option + P + R keys simultaneously
  3. Press these keys until your MacBook restarts. Then release the keys .

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Solution 3: Connect Phone

  1. Press power button.
  2. Connect your phone through data cable.

If the phone start charging, your problem will be resolved.

Solution 4: Change MacBook charger

Try to change macbook charger and charge your macbook with different charger and see you can try to turn on and charge your macbook. If macbook chargers and turns on then this could be a faulty charger or corrupted charger. In this case you need to replace your macbook charger.

Solution 5: Macbook pro overheated and wont turn on?

If your macbook pro gets overheated and wont turn on then you need to wait for your macbook to cool down and turn on after some time. Most of the if macbook gets overheated then it gets turned off automatically.

Why MacBook Air Won’t Turn On or charge?

This can be due to couple of reasons like macbook gets overheated, charger plug or cables are faulty or due to any other software or hardware related issues.

How to Fix MacBook won’t turn on or charge?

Reset SMC settings, Reset PRAM, change charger of your MacBook, check for faulty cables, if MacBook gets overheated then cool your MacBook and try when your MacBook gets normal.

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