How To Download Applications Without Apple ID Password On iPhone / iPad

  • To install apps or download apps without apple id password you need to turn off required password under -> Settings -> Profile id -> Media and Purchase -> Password Settings -> turn off required password.
  • You can also use third party apps like iOS Ninja app from app store which allows you to install app without apple id password.

If you are wondering how to download app without apple id and password on your iPhone or ipad then you can download apps without apple id or apple account or if you forgot your apple id password you need to reset apple id and unable to login to your apple account and want to download app on your iPhone or iPad then there is a way to download and install app without apple id and sometimes you face issue like app not downloading on iPhones as well.

How To Download Applications Without Apple ID Password On iPhone / iPad

Step 1: First , open the Settings App on your iPhone.

Step 2: Here tap on your name.

Step 3: Then tap “Media & Purchases “.

Step 4: After that , select “Password Settings “.

Step 5: Here turn off  “ Require password “ .

Step 6: Then go back to Settings Screen .

Step 7: Now scroll down to  “ Face ID & Passcode “and tap it.

Step 8: Then enter your passcode.

Step 9: Here turn off “ iTunes & App Store “ under USE FACE ID FOR .

After doing all the above steps , now you can download the apps without Apple ID password .

If your iPhone is still asking for password means , check the restrictions for iTunes & App Store Purchases .

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Turn off Apple ID and Password for Installing Apps on iPhone 

Step 1: First , launch Settings App on your iPhone .

Step 2: Here tap “Screen time“.

Step 3: Then tap “Content & Privacy Restrictions “.

Step 4: After that , tap “ iTunes and App Store Purchases “ .

Step 5: Now enter your Screen Time Passcode.

Step 6: Here select “Don’t Require “ under REQUIRE PASSWORD “.

Step 7: Now your iPhone won’t ask for a password for downloading apps.

That’s it by following the above steps you can easily download and install apps on your iPhone or iPad without using Apple id.

Use iOS Ninja App 

You can also use iOSNinja app and install it on your iPhone and install apps on iphone using ninja app and it wont ask for password or it doesn’t require app store as well and all the apps which are listed in Ninja App can be installed on your iPhone without apple id password.

Can We Download Applications Without Apple ID Password On iPhone \ iPad

  Yes , we can download apps without an Apple ID by using third party applications like iOS ninja and turn off required password for installing new apps on iPhone or ipad.

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