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Fix Critical Process Died windows 11/10 Error

Its common to see critical process error on windows computer and if you are working on windows 10 or 11 Operating system many users will be experiencing errors, sometimes, it may be with the windows 10 update, software errors or whether it may be the over usage of windows 10 system or what ever it may be facing issues with windows 10 is common and you can follow Microsoft guide here and fix the issue step by step.

Windows 10 or 11 users will be encountering critical process died in windows 10 or 11 error which is blue screen of death and says you pc ran into a problem and never boots or starts which will be frustrating for windows 11/10 users which is unexpected.

What Happens with Critical Processed died in windows 10 Error

If this error Critical Process died error occurs on windows 10 or 11 computer or laptop you will be seeing a blue screen saying your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart and it all windows processes are run then your windows computer restarts.

If this error occurs its impossible and it restarts all its own and almost any time when you are working on important projects etc and this prevents computer from booting the operating system doesnt bootup and after another restart you will see the same blue screen again.

Causes of Critical Processed died in windows 10 Occurs

1: Critical Processed died in windows 10 error is caused by the driver failure most of the time. Like, when the operating system tries to use drivers from windows update but hardware operates normally only with original drivers from the manufacturer.

2: The drivers that start working in a wrong way because for some reasons they were damaged or come into conflict with the current version of the operating system.

3: The other causes apart from driver issues the Critical Processed died in windows 10 may also occur due to virus attack after cleaning the computer and the system registry from junk files or when system files or damaged.

How to Fix Critical Processed died in windows 10/11 Error

If the operating system can boot, then you need try booting in safe mode now lets fix the error when the windows 10 boots successfully after the restart.

Now view the saved memory dumps that the operating system creates when you see critical Process died error (blue screen error) in windows 10,11 error and some times this options can be disabled so to view them follow below:

1: Go to Control Panel->system -> Click Advanced system.

2: New tab will appear and then Click on Advanced tab– In Start Up and recovery -> Click settings.


3: You will be prompted with start up and recovery settings which enables memory dumps.


4: In System failure section the boxes should be checked for write an event to the system log and automatically restart and the dump file and overwrite any existing file should be checked and enabled.


5: Check with the log file which is specified in system log and Once you have find out the which drivers are causing the errors then you need to replace the drivers by downloading original drivers or roll back the previous drivers.

6: Open the Device Manager and choose any driver and properties and drivers and rollback drivers or update drivers.

If you are still facing issue with Critical Processed died in windows 10 Error and bothering you follow these below steps:

Reinstall Drivers


1 Reinstall drivers for main hardware elements of your computer. Download all the necessary drivers form laptop manufactures website.


If Critical Processed died in windows 10 Error for desktop pc you will have to find drivers for your motherboard, graphic card, processor and so on and there are several tools available online for free which installs all necessary drivers will be installed in a minute.

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Windows Restore Point

If restore points are available to fix Critical Processed died in windows 10 Error

If there are any restore points are available you on a specific date which your pc is working properly when you did not see this error.       

Check Integrity of the file

1: Open the command prompt with administrative privileges

2: Run command sfc /scannow


3) Check you pc for viruses and threat protection.


Restoring by Registry

Restoring a registry will also help in fixing Critical Processed died in windows 10 Error if you made any changes there or tried to clean the with any cleaner software.

By Connecting USB and Install Windows Operating System

If you have connected any USB drive and windows installed the drivers if that is the case try unplugging the USB device and removing the drivers which the operating system have installed for it automatically.

Fixing Critical Processed died in windows 10 Error if None of the above is working?


If nothing helps  try resetting the operating system and you can do it easily from recovery environment by choosing troubleshoot / resetting your pc.

Why critical_process_died error in windows 10:

It occurs when driver failure most of the time. The drivers that start working in a wrong way because for some reasons, due to virus attack after cleaning, change in registry files.

What is windows stop code critical_process_died?

This is error which you will see on your windows as blue screen of death and says your pc ran into problem needs to be restarted and error at bottom you will be seeing and error as “stop code critical_process_died”.

Windows 10 critical_process_died windows 10  keeps on restart in loop

You can fix this restart loop by installing drivers again and also by replacing registry files and etc as fix, follow above steps.

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