How to Fix Discovery Plus Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

How to Fix Discovery Plus Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

  • To fix discovery plus not working on Samsung tv you need to clear cache, perform a power reset by unplugging power cable and wait for 60 seconds and plug back power cable back to wall.
  • Restart the router/modem -> Unplug router / modem -> wait for 60 seconds -> plug back router / modem and restart it.

 When you try to open discovery plus app on Samsung smart tv and suddenly you notice that discovery plus app keeps crashing or discovery plus app stuck on logo and discovery plus app not working then we’re going to show you how to fix your discovery plus if it’s not working on your Samsung TV. There are several methods for fix discovery plus app and We are going to show you all the possible methods to solve your issue. 

How to fix Discovery Plus app not Working on Samsung Smart tv

Method 1: Power Reset to fix Discovery Plus App

Step 1: Turn on your Samsung smart tv and unplug power cable from wall socket.

Step 2: wait for 60 seconds

Step 3: After 60 seconds -> plug back power cable and wait for the tv to restart and turn on.

Once your Samsung tv turns on your discovery plus not working will be fixed and you can access discovery plus app without any issue.

Method 2: Unplugging the TV from wall socket.

Step 1: Unplug your TV from the wall socket. Wait for about a minute or minute and half. 

Step 2: And then plug it back again in the wall socket. This will reset your TV. There is 70% chance that your problem is fixed. If no, then follow the next method.

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Method 3: Updating the software

Step 1: Make sure your software is all up to date. This is very easy to do and there is 80% chance that your problem is solved. 

Step 2: First you need to go to the Settings menu 

Step 3: From the settings go to Support

Step 4: In the Support go to  Software update

Step 5: Then click on Update and wait for the update to complete and you can also update samsung smart tv using USB also(firmware update).

This will check for the updates .If there is any update it will update and if you want to update apps on samsung smart tv read this. Now if this fixes your discovery plus great if not try the following

Method 4: Deleting Discovery plus 

Delete the discovery plus app. By this method there is 90% chance that your problem is fixed. To do this follow below steps:
Step 1: Go to  Home and go settings

Step 2: In the settings click on Apps.

Step 3: From the app settings find the discovery plus app and then select delete.

Once the app is deleted go ahead and reinstall it by finding the Discovery plus app and hit on Install button and install disvovery plus app. If your Discovery plus app is still not working follow below methods.

Method 5:  Restart your Smart Hub

 The last method to solve this issue with 99% probability that your problem is fixed  is to reset the smart hub. To do this follow the below steps

Step 1: Go to Home and then go to Settings 

Step 2: In the settings go to Support  and click on it.

Step 3: Now in support go to Self diagnostics and click on it.

Step 4: Now choose Reset Smart hub option and click on it.

This will reset your Smart hub and also fixes your issue.

Method 6: Clear the cache of Discovery plus app

Go ahead to Settings -> my apps section -> Select Apps -> select discovery plus app and clear cache and clear data of discovery plus app. Once you clear cache your discovery plus app will be working fine without any issues and if you may want to clear cache on Samsung Smart tv as well.

Why is Discovery plus not working on Samsung TV?

If you are having outdated version of discovery plus app or outdated software version of Samsung smart tv firmware then you need to update Samsung smart tv firmware update. Most of the time outdated software will cause discovery plus not working issue.