How to clear cache on Samsung smart TV:

How to clear cache on Samsung smart TV

When you open any website for the first time you get unwanted or other relevant data may get stuck on cache memory and it becomes very important to clear the cache on your device because would reduce the efficiency of that device and sometime your apps on Samsung smart tv doesn’t respond or keeps on crashing due to the overload of cache files data on Samsung smart tv.

Regularly cleaning of cache and browsing data in any way increases the speed and performance of the TV and it will protect the devices from harmful data while you are browsing or using app or installing any app on Samsung smart tv and streaming data like Netflix, amazon prime, Disney plus or youtube app or any of your favourite streaming app on Samsung smart tv.

If you are wondering how to clear cache on Samsung tv 2020, clear cache on Samsung tv 2015, 2018, 2017 the process is same for clearing cache on Samsung smart tv.

It is very safe to clear up your app cache on regular basis because it is good practice for all electronic gadgets. 

How to Clear Cache on Samsung Smart tv:

By using below steps you can remove cache on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 1: Take your Samsung Smart TV remote, click on home button.

Step 2: Then go for settings and click ok on your Samsung smart tv remote.

Step 3: select APPS and click ok on remote.

Step 4: Then go for “system apps”.

Step 5: Click on the app you want to clear the cache and click on “clear cache”.

Step 6: Tap “ok” to confirm to clear all the cache.

You have to repeat these process for all the apps installed on your device.