Causes and Fix Samsung tv White Spots in Corners


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  • You need to contact customer care support and ask them to repair samsung tv led/lcd screen and replace screen.
  • Reducing brightness brightness even more on samsung smart tv can make white spot to disappear a little bit more on samsung tv.
  • White spots on corners are caused mainly due to Defective pixels or DLP, overpowering around edges (top right or top left corner) and board issues and screen light imbalance which manage to show picture and adjust backlight on samsung smart tv.

If you are experiencing issues with white spots on corners of samsung smart tv then this is due to dislodged led diffuser lens or dead pixels on led/lcd screen on samsung smart tv, which appear on top right or top left corner and you need to disassembling and reattach the dislodged lenses and it is recommend strictly to contact samsung tv customer care support and they will be able to fix it and repair white spots in corners issues.

Fix Samsung tv White Spots in Corners

Sometimes, customer care support also can’t help and can’t repair, you need to ask for the replacement if white spots on corners are completely damaged.

VD - Disabled

Dismantle Samsung Smart tv and Reattach Dislodged Lens

If you are familiar with repairing samsung tv, then you can dismantle and reattach the dislodged lens and use a glue to attach the lens again.

Step 1: Turn off samsung smart tv completely.

Step 2: Grab a screwdriver and Unscrew them and Remove back and front panels from 4 frames completely and take them out.
Step 3: Locate led deflectors (white orbs) and remove them and use glue to attach them again and attach removed screw and attach all screws properly.

What Causes White Spots on Upper Right or Upper left corner 

Damaged or Defective pixels Due to hot pixels, DLP, overpowering around edges, Dislodged LED Diffuser lens and a segment of lcd/led screen on top or left corner gets damaged or faulty processors and contact support and ask them to replace screen if your Samsung smart tv and if your led backlight display panel is damaged or compromised and screen light imbalance when portion of light to emit on screen gets damaged then you will see white spots on Samsung smart tv and there is no fix  (adjusting brightness to low light can help reduce the white spots to appear) for this and you need to replace samsung smart tv screen or if samsung tv repair team can repair it then repair it or replace led screen.

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Turn Brightness Down

Few samsung smart tv users have managed to get rid of white spots on top right or left corners by reducing the brightness and adjusting brightness to disappear white spots by lower brightness even more on samsung tv, can make white spots appear on corners of samsung smart tv.

Turn down the brightness on my Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1: Press menu button on samsung smart tv remote.

Step 2: Using  Arrow buttons go to picture settings.

Step 3: Press down arrow on remote and Go to Brightness settings

Step 4: Press down arrow and reduce brightness until white spots appearing on samsung smart v reduces. 

Samsung TV white spot repair cost

It can cost you around 200 to 300 dollars (depending on white spots appear on Samsung tv) and at all times white spots cannot be repaired and customer support will recommend you to replace samsung smart tv instead of repairing it.

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