Samsung tv Backlight Bleed Fix

  • Perform Backlight test on Samsung tv and Contact support and ask them to replace or repair backlight bleed.
  • Turn off samsung tv and Clean samsung smart tv screen with soft microfiber cloth and Change brightness settings and reduce brightness and sharpness and other picture settings and check

On samsung smart tv if you are seeing light coming out of samsung smart tv screen then it is called as backlight bleeding on Qled monitor of samsung smart tv or any other samsung tv or samsung monitors and you can easily fix backlight bleeding on samsung smart tv. So, lets see in detail below.

Samsung tv Backlight Bleed Fix

Samsung tv Backlight Bleed Fix

Below samsung tv troubleshooting methods will help to fix backlight bleeding issue on samsung tv.

Contact Support and Check for Backlight Bleed Warranty

You need to check the warranty first and check whether your samsung smart tv is covered with standard warranty and backlight warranty and ask for screen replacement if it is covered.

Change Backlight Settings on Samsung Smart tv

Step 1: Press home button and Open Settings

Step 2: Go to Expert Settings

Step 3: Adjust Brightness settings, Sharpness and other settings.

Once you change brightness and sharpness and other settings in picture settings, then go ahead and check whether backlight bleed is reduced or fixed and if it doesnt help then contact support.

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Clean Samsung tv Screen and Massage tv Screen

You need to turn off samsung smart tv and clean it with soft microfiber cloth and clean it smoothly, clean it with soft microfiber cloth where the backlight screen appears on samsung smart tv and check.

Check Perform Samsung Backlight Bleed Test

To check samsung backlight bleed test, you need to play a pitch black video on samsung smart tv and check if backlight appears when playing video then your samsung tv is having backlight issue and you need to contact support and repair center and ask them to repair.

Does backlight bleeding go away on Samsung Smart tv?

No! Backlight bleeding doesn’t fix on its own and sometimes by just powering off power cables for sometimes and plugging them back may fix the issue but its not guaranteed or it can be fixed by power reset method as backlight bleed occurs when your samsung smart tv screen is damaged and light flashing on samsung tv screen.

Is the backlight bleed normal Samsung?

NO! If there is an issue with backlight or screen gets damaged or screen frame has issue and by reducing brightness can show low effect of backlight bleeding on samsung smart tv.

How to Reduce Backlight Bleed on Samsung Smart tv 

To reduce backlight bleeding on Samsung smart tv, you can try reducing brightness on Samsung smart tv and check if it reduces backlight bleed.

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