How to Fix iMac Shutting Down Randomly

  • To fix iMac Shutting down randomly then you need to disconnect all external peripheral devices and reset your SMC.
  • Delete unwanted files and unwanted documents, apps, videos and free up internal storage space.
  • Run disk errors on your iMac and restart iMac in safe mode and update your mac to the latest version.

When you turn on your iMac and your iMac is shutting down randomly when you are working on iMac and suddenly your iMac Shuts down all of sudden and iMac shutting down unexpectedly even though the battery charge is left on your iMac and wont turn on or any other issues with iMac then you can fix this issue easily. SO, let’s see in detail below.

iMac Shuts down randomly if iMac gets overheated and to prevent internal damages it gets shuts down and if fans inside iMac are not working properly or damaged or softwares installed on your iMac then you can experience this kind of issues and iMac keeps shutting down randomly and cause unexpected restarts as well.

Fix iMac Shutting Down Randomly

Below iMac troubleshooting methods will help you fix iMac shuts down randomly or restarts on its own issue on iMac.

Disconnect External Peripheral Devices

You need to disconnect external peripheral devices connected to your iMac like external hard disk or scanners or printers and if you are connected to any external hard drive or flash drive then you need to unplug the device from iMac and restart your iMac.

Reset SMC on iMac

For Intel Based MacOS

Step 1: Shut down your iMac using the apple menu and shut down completely. If you can’t shutdown using the apple menu then press the power button and shut down your iMac.

Step 2: Now, Unplug the power cord

Step 3: Wait for 60 seconds and plug back power cord to iMac

Step 4: Now, wait for 10 seconds and press the power button to turn on your iMac.

Step 5: if you are using apple silicon then just go ahead and restart your Mac via apple menu -> Apple menu -> Select Restart

If you are still having the same issues and iMac keeps shutting down then go ahead and unplug the power cord and plug back the power card.

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Delete Unwanted Files and Free up Space

You need to delete all unwanted files and apps permanently and free up space and make sure that you have 7-10 Percent of free space on your Mac. Once you free up space then you need to restart your iMac.

Use Disk Errors in Recovery Mode

For intel based mac

Step 1: Shut down your mac and then press the power button.

Step 2: While your mac is starting -> Hold down command + R key simultaneously until apple logo appears.

Step 3: MacOS Utilities window will appear on your mac -> Select Disk Utilities and Click on Continue

Step 4: Select Startup disk (macintosh HD) and click on first aid and then click on RUN.

Step 5: Wait for this disk errors process to complete.

Use Disk Errors For Apple Silicon

Step 1: Shut down your mac and press power button until you see startup options -> Select Options and click continue

Step 2: MacOS utility window will appear -> Select Disk and follow on screen instructions.

Once you repair the disk and fix these disk errors on your mac then your issue of iMac Shutting down randomly will be fixed successfully.

Update your iMac

You need to update your imac to the latest version and if you have updated your imac to the latest version then you may have this issue of iMac Shutting down randomly and issue of restarting on its own may occur due to software bug as well. So, it’s recommended to update your iMac to the latest version.

Restart iMac in safe mode

You need to restart your iMac in safe mode and start using it and if you want to exit safe mode on your iMac then you need to simply restart your iMac to exit safe mode.

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