How to Fix Macos Monterey installation Stuck or Frozen Update

How to Fix MacOS Monterey installation Stuck or Frozen Update

MacOS monterey is the latest version of macOS of version 12 series which works pretty good and well with MacBook air / pro m1 chips / m1 pro chips or m1 max chips on Macbook and macOS Monterey brings you the latest features.

If you have updated your MacOS to the latest version to Monterey and the installation on mac gets stuck or frozen then you need to try these simple troubleshooting methods and install macOS Monterey on your MacBook. 

Fix MacOS Monterey installation Stuck or Frozen Update

Fix MacOS Monterey Installation Stuck or Frozen

Below troubleshooting methods will help you fix macos monterey installation stuck or failed or frozen while installing macos.

Solution 1: Force Restart 

Step 1: Hold Down the Power Button or Touch ID for 10 seconds until it Turns off.

Step 2: Now, Wait for few seconds and Press power button/Touch ID and turn on your mac

Once you force restart your mac you can go ahead and update your mac to latest version macOS monterey and install it and you will not face any issues like installation stuck or frozen or any other macOS installation errors.

Solution 2: Reset PRAM/NVRAM

Step 1:First, hold down the power button/Touch ID up to 10 seconds,until your mac turn off.

Step 2: Wait for few seconds and then press power button/Touch ID to turn your mac

Step 3: Now, After pressing the power button/touch id -> immediately hold down the option + command +  P + R keys simultaneously and dont let go off these keys until you hear the startup sound for the second time.

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5) Reinstall macOS Using macOS Recovery Mode

Note: If you are using the T2 security chip with your mac

hold down the keys until the apple logo appears and disappears for the second time .

Step 4: Wait for a few seconds until your mac restarts.sometimes, your mac will take 15 to 20 minutes to restart.

Solution 3: Restart Your Mac in Safe Mode

Step 1: If you are using a Mac with an Intel processor, first hold down the power button until your Mac turns off and after your Mac turns off, wait for a few seconds.

Step 2: Then press the power button/Touch ID to turn on your mac 

Step 3: After pressing the power button, immediately hold down the shift key until the login window appears while holding the shift key login window appears.

But, don’t leave the shift key when you see the apple logo and keep holding it until the login window appears.

Step 4: If your mac is encrypted with filevault, you need to login twice.then you can use your mac normally.

If you want get out of safe mode,

Step 1: Open apple menu 

Step 2: Then select “restart” under the apple menu.

Step 3: Again select “restart” in the popup box to confirm 

Step 4: You need to wait until your Mac restarts

 If you are using mac with apple silicon

Step 1: First hold down the power button until your mac shuts down.

Step 2: After your mac shuts down,wait for a few seconds.

Step 3: Then hold down the power button until the start up options window appears. Now you can see available startup disks (Macintosh HD) and options.

Step 4: Now, select your startup disk (Macintosh HD).

Step 5: hold down the shift key and click “continue”.then click “continue in safe mode”

Step 6: Now release the shift key and wait until the login window appears.

Step 7: Then enter your login details and use your mac as usual.

If you want to get out of safe mode, restart your mac via apple menu -> restart -> restart.

Solution 4: Reinstall MacOS monterey 

Step 1: Turn off your mac by hold down the power button  

Step 2: Now, turn on your mac by pressing power button or touch id 

Step 3: Now, immediately press and hold command + R until you see apple logo or globe appear.

Step 4: Now, you will see 4 options -> select reinstall macOS monterey and click on continuev and follow onscreen instructions.