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How to Factory Reset MacBook Air M2 or Pro M2 2023, 2022

  • Click on the Apple logo on M1o r M2 MacBook pro or Air -> Select System Preferences -> Now, Again, Select System Preferences on top and click on Erase All content and its settings and follow onscreen instructions.
  • If you can’t see erase all content option on MacBook pro or air -> Only macbook’s released after 2015 or later and MacBooks running on MacOS Monterey or later Ventura macOS versions will only have this option erase all content option to reset macbook.

If your MacBook Air or Pro is not working or your MacBook and to resolve issues, you need to factory reset MacBook air or pro m2 to its default factory setting and erase all content from your MacBook air or pro easily and reset MacBook pro m2 or m1 and wipe out all data from macbook pro or air m2 or m1. So, let’s see in detail below.

How to Factory Reset MacBook air M2 or Pro M2

How to Factory Reset MacBook Air m2

Follow the below methods to fix the MacBook air or pro m2, erase all content, and factory reset MacBook air or pro m2.

step 1: click on apple logo

Step 1: On your MacBook Pro or Air -> Click on the Apple logo on the top left corner

Step 2: Now, select System Preferences

Step 3: On the top left corner Menu -> Click on System Preferences

Step 4: Select Erase all content and Settings

Step 5: Enter your MacBook Password and Click on OK.

Step 6: Now, Select Apple ID, Touch ID, Accessories information, Find My, and Activation lock, depending upon your choice of erasing content from MacBook Pro or Air M2.

Step 7: Once you select, then click on Continue and Enter your Apple ID password and sign out of apple ID and Click on Continue.

Step 8: Now, enter the verification code that you receive on another apple device – that you have logged in on iPhone or iPad and input the verification code.

Step 9: Confirm Erase All Content and Settings and wait for your M2 MacBook Pro or Air to erase all content and factory reset all settings and wipe out all data from macbook pro or air m2.

That’s once, once you select to erase all content and settings, then you need to wait for your M2 MacBook pro or air to reboot and set up your apple MacBook air m2 or pro with its default settings and this is how you reset MacBook pro or air m2 or m1 easily.

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MacBook Air Factory Reset Not Working

If you can’t erase macbook pro or air m1 or m2 macbooks then you need to make sure that you have entered the correct password and your apple id password is correct and force restart your MacBook and then go to recovery mode and reset macbook pro or air m1 or m2 or you can use itunes.

Why can’t I see Erase all content and settings on my Mac?

If you cant see erase all content options on your MacBook, then your macbook is not running macOS monetary or later version of MacOS and erase all content and settings option is only available for MacBook 2015 models only and to reset old models of macbook, you need to go to recovery mode and use options and reset macbook pro or air.

Where is Erase All Content And Settings on MacBook Pro?

On macbook pro or air, go to system preferences and on the top menu -> you will see system preference menu -> Click on it and you will see Erase all content option on MacBook pro or air M1 or M2 with MacOS Monterey or MacOS Ventura and the latest models of MacBook pro m1 or m2.

How do I Reset My Mac to Factory Settings Without System Preferences?

If you want to reset your MacBook Pro to factory settings and wipe out all data, then you can reset it without using erase all content option as well, you need to shutdown you MacBook pro and press and hold the power button and turn MacBook on and continue holding until you see startup options and select macOS recovery and reinstall macOS and follow onscreen instructions and once you reinstall macOS then all your data will be wiped out and fresh and new macOS will be installed erasing all previous data on your mac.

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