How to Restart iPad Without Using Power Button


  • To turn on iPad without power button you need to change the assistive touch virtual assistant settings to restart whenever you double tap the assistive touch icon.
  •  In Settings -> Accessibility settings -> AssistiveTouch settings -> custom actions -> Select Double tap option to restart ipad without power button.

If you are wondering how to restart your ipad without power button and if your power button is damaged or broken or not working due to some other reasons, then you can restart it without using power button by using AssistiveTouch icon and set it custom settings to restart in AssistiveTouch settings. So, let’s see in detail below.

How to Restart iPad Without Power Button

Follow below methods to activate the assistive touch icon on ipad and change custom settings as below.

By using Assistive Touch icon You Can Restart your iPad

Double tap on the assistive touch icon and you will be prompted with a message saying are you sure you want to restart -> Tap on yes to restart your ipad without using the power button.

How to Activate AssistiveTouch icon on iPad and turn it on

Step 1: Launch settings app on your ipad

Step 2: Scroll down to the accessibility option and tap on it.

Step 3: Now under Physical and Motor -> Tap on Touch

Step 4: Tap on AssistiveTouch and tap it to turn on assistive touch.

When you turn on assistivetouch you will notice a floaty icon appearing on your iPad screen and it always stays in the forefront.

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Change Assistive Touch Custom Settings to Restart iPad

Step 5: Now, In AssistiveTouch settings -> custom actions -> Select Double tap option.

Step 6: Now, scroll down and select restart option from here and come back.

That;s it once you change settings of assistivetouch icon and set it for single tap to restart or double tap to restart, you will be able to restart your ipad without using power button. You can also set for other options as well like take screenshot when you tap on assistivetouch icon accordingly.

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