ipad screen frozen or stuck and cant swipe

How to fix iPad Screen Frozen Can’t Swipe

  • To fix the iPad screen frozen issue and cant swipe or gets stuck on apple logo you need to hard reset and free up space, reset all settings.
  • Uninstall apps which is taking too much space and free up space.

On your iPad if you are experiencing issues like your iPad screen frozen cant swipe and not responding to touch and doesn’t respond to anything when you touch after update or iPad frozen on apple logo or swipe or blank screen on your iPad screen then by following these simple steps you can easily fix them, lets see in detail below

How to fix iPad Screen Frozen 

Follow below ipad screen frozen troubleshooting guide to fix this issue

Restart iPad by Home and Power Button

Step 1: Press and hold power button and home button on your iPad screen and don’t let go these keys until you see apple logo on your ipad screen

Step 2: Once you see apple logo then release these two keys

Step 3: Now, you will see your iPad will be booting back and will restart on its own,

That’s it, once your ipad restarts then you will not face any issues like ipad screen frozen or stuck or ipad becomes unresponsive kind of issues.

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Uninstall unwanted Apps from iPad

On your ipad go ahead see which app is running in background or any app which you have installed recently on your iPad and press and hold that app and tap on cross symbol and delete the app from your iPad and delete unwanted apps.

Free up Space on your iPad

Step 1: Tap on settings icon app on your iPad

Step 2: Now, tap on general

Step 3: Select device storage (internal storage)

Step 4: Uninstall apps which is consuming more space and data.

Why does the iPad Screen get Frozen?

If you have updated your ipad to the latest version of iOS 15 or later or if you are running out of space on your iPad or this could be a software glitch or it can also be too many apps installed on your iPad and any third party apps causing the issue and gets your iPad screen to frozen.