Safari Automatically Opens & Closes Tabs on iPhone, iPad or MacBook

How to Fix Safari Automatically Opens & Closes Tabs on iPhone, iPad or MacBook

  • To fix Safari automatically opens and closes tabs on iPhone or iPad or MacBook -> you need to force quit all apps running in background and restart your iPhone or iPad
  • Change settings of safari on iPhone or iPad to close tabs to manually close tabs and update your safari browser and iPhone or iPad and on MacBook.
  • Avoid using group tabs on Mac or iPad or iPhone and use safari technology preview on MacBook until your issue of safari gets resolved.

When you open a safari browser on your iPhone and the safari browser automatically opens and closes tabs on its own which or safari keeps closing tabs and reopened closed tabs and safari tabs keeps disappearing from iPhone and safari crashing then you can fix this issue easily by simple methods. So, lets see in detail below.

If safari tabs disappeared from iphone ios 15 or keeps reopened tabs on safari browser then you need to check with safari browser preference settings and stop safari from closing my tabs on ipad or iPhone or Mac.

Fix Safari Automatically Opens & Closes Tabs on iPhone

Below safari troubleshooting methods will help you get rid of safari reopening tabs or automatically opening tabs and closing tabs and stop safari from opening tabs on safari browser on iPhone or iPad with any iOS 15 or later or below.

Check for Update and Update iOS on iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Go to settings -> General

Step 2: Tap on software update and check for any software update

Step 3: If new version of iOS software is available then go ahead and update to latest iOS version.

If you are running an outdated version of iOS software then you can experience this kind of software glitches and once you update you will not be experiencing any software glitches.

Force Quit Background Apps on iPhone or iPad

If you are running too many applications in the background then your device will lag and becomes unresponsive or behave strangely like safari tabs keep opening and closing on its own or any other app issues on iPhone.

Step 1: Swipe from bottom to top slowly until you see background applications running in background.

Step 2: Now, swipe up apps on your screen to force quit.

Once you force quit apps then go ahead and relaunch safari app and your issue will be resolved with the safari browser not responding or reopening tabs or any other issue.

Update Safari Browser

Step 1: Go to app store on your iPhone

Step 2: Search for safari browser and check whether there is any update available for safari browser

Step 3: If update is available then tap on update and wait for your iPhone to download and install new updated version of safari browser on iPhone or iPad

Safari Automatically Opens and Closes Tabs on Macbook M1 Pro or Any Mac 

Step 1: Click on Apple logo on top

Step 2: Select force quit and select safari browser from list of force quit applications and click on force quit

After force quitting the safari browser you will not experience safari browser keeps reopening safari tabs on Mac.

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Check for Safari Browser Update on Mac and Update

Open App store on your Macbook pro or air and search for safari browser and click on update and wait until your Macbook downloads and install new version of safari browser on your Macbook.

Change settings of Safari to Close Manually

You need to change these safari settings on iPhone and then check whether you are experiencing the same issue of safari browser automatically closing and reopening tabs.

Step 1: Launch settings -> Tap on Safari

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on closed tabs

Step 3: Now, change settings here manually and tap on it.

Avoid using ground Tabs

If you are using group tabs on your safari browser then don’t use group tabs and stop using group tabs this may encounter this issue of safari browser keeps reopening on macbook or iPhone or iPad.

Use Safari Technology Preview on MacBook

You can use safari technology preview on your macbook which is a developer version and has features of upcoming safari browser features. Until your mac stops closing and reopening tabs, you can use this safari technology preview.

Why Safari Automatically Opens & Closes Tabs

Many users experienced this issue after they have updated their iPhone to latest version and this can be temporary software glitch and once you update your iOS to latest version or force quit apps and close apps running in backgrounds will fix this issue of safari browser keeps opening tabs on iPhone or iPad or MacBook