iPhone not ringing on incoming Calls

How to fix iPhone not ringing on incoming Calls

  • Every time if someone is missing incoming calls or no notification sounds or alters then it is probably with your iPhone settings accidentally enabled DND mode, Mute Button on or Ringer volume low. Change these settings and you will hear your iPhone ringing volume for sure.

When some one is calling you and iPhone not ringing on incoming calls or iphone volume low, then this is a frustrating issue and due to this issue you may miss important incoming calls or or iphone keeps dropping calls then you can fix this error easily by following below steps.

iPhone not Ringing on incoming calls?

Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode

Step 1: launch settings app on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap on Do Not Disturb option and set it to OFF.

Step 3: Turn off do not disturb mode.

If your DND (Do not disturb mode is on then you will not hear incoming calls or notifications or anything). You need to set this option on only when you don’t want any one to disturb you.

Step 1: Open settings -> Tap on Sounds and Haptics

Step 2: Scroll down and make sure that -> Ringer and Alerts and set to maximun by dragging slider.

Step 3: You can set the incoming volume by scrolling sider and hear the ring volume for incoming calls when you receive and set to as loud as you wish to hear volume.

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Mute Button is OFF then turn it ON

If your mute button is off then you need to turn it ON and in order to unmute the mute button follow below steps.

Step 1: On the side of your iPhone you will see a small button and if it is set to down then your iPhone is muted.

Step 2: In order to unmute it -> you need to move the mute button upwards.

If you see orange color on side of your mute button then this means that your iPhone is set to mute, go ahead and move it to upwards to remove mute on your iPhone.

That’s it by following above methods your iphone not ringing on incoming calls will be fixed successfully.

iPhone Not Ringing But Saying Missed Call?

You may have accidentally enabled mute button or set it to silent mode, or you have Do not disturb mode enabled or iPhone ringer volume is low then you cant hear ringing and iPhone says missed call as you haven’t heard the incoming call and haven’t answered the call and it goes to missed call. That is why iphone displays missed call not ringing on iPhone.

Why is my iphone not ringing when i get a call or text?

Because you have set your iPhone to silent mode or mut button is on. In order to receive incoming call turn off mute button, disable DND ( Do not Disturb Mode) and make your incoming calls ringer volume high.