How To Fix Microphone Stopped Working On iPhone 12 Pro


iPhone 12 microphone is located on the bottom in side by lightening connector you will find built in microphone side by built in stereo speaker and on the top as well or you can also face issues like iPhone 12 microphone not working on calls or quality of microphone reduced while speaking on call or recording your voice. This problem occurs only on iPhone 12 Pro unaccompanied. It happens in altogether the other versions.

Many of the iPhone users faced this issue a lot with this problem and it especially happens in Facetime apps and Facebook Messengers apps observed by iPhone users and reported on Apple forum. Let’s see how to clear the mess.

Steps to Fix Microphone not Working or Stopped working on iPhone 12 pro

Before going to the solutions you have to test your Microphone. Whether it’s working or not. For that you need to follow below steps.

Step 1: Click on the Voice Memos app

Step 2: Now tap on the record button and record your voice for at least 10 seconds.

Step 3: Once after you have recorded, check whether the voice is audible or not. If your voice is crystal clear then nothing is wrong with your Microphone.

Step 4: If it is cracked or faded then you have to fix your Microphone. So let’s list out the fixes now and get rid of microphone stopped working on iPhone 12 pro.

How to fix microphone stopped working on iPhone 12

Solution 1 :- Reset All Settings to fix Microphone stopped working on iPhone 12 pro

This method will help you to troubleshoot the common problems on your iPhone. There are obviously lots of chances to solve the Microphone problems. So for that.

Step 1: Go to Settings and tap on General. 

Step 2: You can see the reset option at the below, just give a click. 

Step 3: In that select Reset All Settings. 

Step 4: Enter your Passcode if asked. 

Step 5: Again give your screen time Passcode. 

Step 6: After that again tap Reset All Settings to confirm the action.

That’s it once you reset all setting on your iPhone 12 then you will not face issue of microphone stopped working all of sudden and your microphone will start working fine as usual without any issue on your iPhone 12 pro.

Solution 2 :- Disable Noise Cancellation 

Because Noise Cancellation will reduce the ambient noise in the background when you are in the phone calls. So turn off and check whether your phone problem is solved or not. For that follow below steps .

Go to Settings -> Tap on Accessibility in the select Audio/ Visual ->In that you can see iPhone Noise Cancellation -> now, Turn off Noise cancellation and check whether your problem is solved or not.

Solution 3 :- Clean Your Microphone And Headphone Jack 

Sometimes there may be dirt inside the Microphone holes or in the Headphone Jack. In that case, use a toothpick to clean inside it but use it in a gentle manner. Because if you do it harshly it will damage the terminal. After cleaning it, check whether you are able to hear the sound from the Microphone.

Solution 4 :- Check For The Updates on iPhone 12 pro

Check whether an Update is available in your iPhone if it is then kindly update it. Sometimes the new updates will fix the existing bug in the phones. 

For some people this solution might have helped them to get rid of their problem. But some might face the same problem. So let’s see some simple suggestions.

Suggestions to fix your Microphone Not Working or Stopped Working All of Sudden

Suggestion 1 :- Check For The App Permissions 

 If your Microphone doesn’t work when you are using a particular app then check whether you have enabled Microphone on that particular app. For that. 

Go to Settings and tap on the Privacy -> Click Microphone ->And Now check whether the app has the access to the Microphone.

Suggestion 2 :- Check Your iPhone 12 Pro Case

Because many users have said that there are no holes for the Speaker and Microphone in the new versions of iPhone case. If it is like that, then remove the case and check whether the sound is audible and clear. And also try to buy a vase which does not muffle the sound from the Microphone.

Suggestion 3 :- Disconnect The Bluetooth Devices 

So guys make sure that your iPhone is not connected to any Bluetooth devices which may muffle the sound in the Microphone. So disable the connected ones from your iPhone and monitor the problem still exist or not. So guys, these solutions work only when it is a software issue. Hardware issues cannot be solved by us. For that you have to visit the Apple store and tell your problems from the Microphone. They will replace the phone and will give you a new one. Because many users in the Apple forum who suffered with this have told.

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