How to Fix Call Failed on iPhone 12, 13 Pro Max, X, XR

  • To fix call failed on iPhone 12, 13, 13 pro max or any iPhone -> First check with network status is available or not and turn on airplane mode and turn it off and refresh airplane mode.
  • Now, eject sim card and reinsert sim card and set network status to automatic and reset network and reset all settings to fix call failed on iPhone 12, 13, 11, x, XR.

On your iPhone when you are trying to place a call or calling somewhen and you are getting a call failed error and call failed when calling someone error can be fixed easily. So, lets see in details

Call failed on an iPhone can occur due to no service issue or if a call fails technically and it fails can appear when you call immediately or it can appear in the middle of a call conversation.

Fix Call Failed on iPhone 12, 13 Pro Max, X, XR

Below iphone troubleshooting guide to fix call failed on iPhone 12, 13, 11, x, XR and other models of iPhone with iOS 16 or 15 or any iOS.

Check your Network Status

First before performing any other methods to fix call failed on iPhone, you need to check the status on iPhone status bar is 4g or not and if not follow below steps

Step 1: Open your iPhone Dialer and dial *#31# and dial this number

Step 2: You will get a message “Setting interrogation succeeded calling line ID Restriction Disabled” and tap on Dismiss.

Step 3: Now, go ahead and call a random number and check whether you are able to call the number or not.

If you are having network status issues, then by calling *#31# number will fix the issue and you will not get call failed on iPhone 12, 13, or any other iPhone and call failed on iPhone issue will be resolved.

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Turn on and Turn OFF Airplane Mode

Step 1: Swipe from top to bottom on iPhone

Step 2: Now, tap on Airplane mode and turn it on.

Step 3: Now, wait for sometimes and then turn off airplane mode on iPhone.

Eject Sim Card and Reinsert Sim card

Step 1: Go ahead and Grab your iPhone and Sim ejector tool

Step 2: Using sim card ejector tool -> Eject your sim card from iPhone.

Step 3: Now, wait for 10 to 15 seconds and re-insert sim card on your iPhone.

Once you eject your sim card from your iPhone and reinsert sim card then go ahead and make a call and your call will not fail on your iphone and your issue of cant place call on iPhone will be fixed successfully and your call will not disconnect or call gets failed when you are in any middle of conversation or call gets failed immediately on iPhone.

Set Network Settings to Automatic

Step 1: Tap on Settings

Step 2: Go to Cellular Networks.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Network Section.

Step 4: Set Network section to Automatic by toggling the button next to it and enable it and if you see it already set to automatic then turn it off and then turn it on again.

Reset Network Settings

Step 1: Go to Settings -> General -> Tap on Reset

Step 2: Tap on Reset Network Settings

Step 3: Enter your Apple ID password and screentime password and reset network connections.

Step 4: Wait for your iPhone to reset network connections and once done then go ahead and try to make a call to any one and your issue of call failed when placing call on your iPhone 12, 13, or 13 pro or 13 pro max issue will be resolved  

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