Restart iPad Pro and Turn OFF

5 Ways to Restart iPad Pro and Turn OFF

If you are having iPad pro 11 2nd generation, 3rd Generation or any other iPad pro series and having issues like black screen, or iPad Touch not working or Lagging or slow response then you need to restart iPad pro and fix the issues. You can restart the iPad pro without using the power button and 5 other ways to restart the iPad Pro 11 or any other series of iPad. So, let’s see in detail below.

5 Ways to Restart iPad Pro and Turn off

Following below methods will help you restart iPad pro in different ways which does not have physical home button on it and restart without using power button and other methods.

Power Button, Volume up and Volume Down

Step 1: Press and Hold power button and volume up button same time.

Step 2: Now, go ahead and use the slide to power off and slide it

That’s it, once you slide to power off your iPad pro will start restarting.

Power Button Volume Down Button

Step 1: Press and Hold Volume down and power button same time

Step 2: Wait until you see slide to power off on your iPad pro.


Step 3: Now, slide the slide to power off button and wait for your iPhone to restart. 

Use Settings Option

Step 1: Launch Settings app on your iPad pro

Step 2: Tap on General

Step 3: Now, on bottom you need to tap on Shut down

Step 4: On your iPad pro screen you will see slide to power off -> Just slide the slide to power off button and your iPhone will restart.

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Turn on Assistive touch and Restart iPad with Custom Options 

Step 1: Open settings on iPad 

Step 2: Tap on Accessability

Step 3: In Physical and Motor -> Tap on Touch 

Step 4: Tap on Assistive touch -> Turn on Assistive Touch.

Step 5: Now, In custom option in Accessability -> and set double tap to restart.

Once you set double tap to restart, when ever you double tap on your iPad it will restart and if you want, you can change these custom option to long press and select restart and when ever you long press your iPhone will restart.

3 Key Combination (Force Restart)

Step 1: Press Volume up Button once on your iPad.

Step 2: Now, Press volume down button once

Step 3: Now, Press and hold power button and dont let go this power button until you see apple logo.

Step 4: Don’t let go of the power button if your screen goes black or you see slide to power off button. Wait until you see appel logo on your iPad pro.

Step 5: Once you see apple logo -> let go off the power button and your iPhone will restart and boot back on its own.

That’s it, these are the 5 methods you can restart your iPhone and fix issues with your iPad pro.