How to Reboot Vizio Smart tv?

If your vizio smart tv is having issues like vizio smart tv is responding slow or app on vizio smart tv keeps crashing or apps loading slow or any other issues on vizio smart tv then you need to power reset your vizio smart tv and reboot vizio smart tv to fix any issues on vizio smart tv. So, let’s see in detail below.

Reboot Vizio Smart tv

Reboot Vizio Smart tv

Rebooting vizio smart tv helps to fix almost all minor issues, like clearing cache, temporary software or technical glitches or updates issues and many others.

Step 1: Press V button on vizio smart tv.

Step 2: In Menu -> Select System option.

Step 3: Now, In system settings -> Select Reset and Admin option.

Step 4: In Reset and Admin Menu -> Select Reboot tv and Wait for your vizio smart tv to Reboot.

Once you reboot your vizio smart tv, then vizio smart tv cache data and other apps data will be cleared on vizio smart tv and any other temporary issues, like apps responding slow or loading slow or crashing or not loading or even vizio smart tv is loading slow issue will be resolved.

How to Reboot Vizio Smart TV without Settings Menu

You can reboot vizio smart tv by simply unplugging power cable of vizio smart tv and wait for 60 seconds and plug back vizio smart tv power cable back to power socket after 60 seconds and wait for vizio smart tv to reboot.

When you power cycle or soft reset vizio smart tv by unplugging power cable will also clear app cache and vizio tv cache as well.

Reboot Vizio Tv Without Remote

Unplug power cable from the wall socket completely and wait for 2 minutes and then plug it back and wait for vizio tv reboot.

When to Reboot Vizio Smart tv

If vizio smart tv is having issues like apps not responding properly or apps keeps crashing or apps not working on vizio smart tv then you need to reboot vizio smart tv to fix apps not working or any other issues on vizio tv or software or technical related issues as well.

Does Reboot TV Clear Cache and All Data on Vizio Smart tv

Yes! When you reboot vizio smart tv from system settings -> Reset and Admin -> Reboot Tv option, this will clear cache and apps data and clear vizio smart tv cache as well.

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