Uploading to iCloud Paused Connect to Wi-Fi in Message

  • Forget wifi network and reconnect to wifi and turn off and turn on messages sync option in icloud settings.
  • Turn off low power mode and sign out of iCloud and sign in back to fix uploading to icloud paused or any icloud syncing messages issues.

On your iphone if you are getting an error message “Uploading to iCloud Paused Connect to Wi-Fi in Message” and messages are not syncing or any other issues with message not syncing on iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11 on iOS 16, 15 etc then you need to try these simple solutions and fix the issue. So, lets dive i deeper and fix this issues.

Many iPhone users reported this issue of iPhone 14 Plus or Pro or Max on iOS 16, 15 after updating their iphone to latest version they are experiencing this issue icloud paused connect to wifi even though they are connected to wifi and icloud is not syncing messages.

Uploading to iCloud Paused Connect to Wi-Fi in Message

Below iCloud troubleshooting issues on your iphone 14, on iOS 16 you can fix iphone syncing issues easily.

Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

  • Swipe from top bottom on right side corner on your iPhone and bring up control center.
  • Now, tap on Airplane mode and turn it on.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and then tap on airplane mode and disable it.

Once you enable and disable airplane mode then any issue with wifi network related issues will be fixed and your issue of Uploading to iCloud Paused Connect to Wi-Fi in Message will be resolved.

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Shut Down iPhone and Restart iPhone

  • Go to Settings -> Tap on General
  • Scroll down to bottom and tap on Shutdown -> Slide to power off and wait for your iPhone to Shut down completely.
  • Now, Press power button and turn on your iPhone.

Once you shutdown and restart your iPhone then the issue icloud not syncing with messages or any other issue with iCloud will be resolved.

Check Wifi Internet and Use Stable Internet Connection

If you are connected to wifi and you are not having stable wifi internet connection then you can experience this issue of Uploading to iCloud Paused Connect to Wi-Fi in Message and you need to connect to wifi having stable internet connection and wifi signal is strong and not having any frequent wifi disconnecting issues.

Enough Storage Space

Make sure you are having enough storage space on your iCloud account and if you are running out of storage then iCloud will not backup and you will experience iCloud syncing issues and delete old backup data or unnecessary backup files and try again.

Forget this Network and Reconnect to WIFI

  • Open settings -> Tap on WIFI
  • Tap in (i) icon next to the wifi that you are connected to.
  • Now, tap on forget this network and tap on forget in pop up and confirm.
  • Now, go ahead and reconnect your wifi network.

If there are any wifi network related issues playing a role here and icloud couldnt sync messages on your iPhone and getting error message Uploading to iCloud Paused Connect to Wi-Fi in Message error issue will be resolved once you forget and reconnect your wifi on iPhone.

Turn off and Turn ON Messages in iCloud Settings

  • Go to Settings -> Tap on Apple ID Name
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Tap on Show All
  • FInd Messages option here and Tap on it
  • Turn off Sync this iPhone and wait for a few seconds and turn on Sync this iPhone messages on in icloud settings.

Once you turn off and turn on messages settings in iCloud then any temporary or minor syncing issues with messages will be resolved and it will start backup your messages.

Turn off Low Power Mode

  • Launch settings on iPhone
  • Tap on Battery option
  • Turn off low Power mode by toggling the button next to it.

If you have turned on low power mode on iphone then in low power mode icloud will not backup your data and you will get syncing issues of iCloud on iphone like Uploading to iCloud Paused Connect to Wi-Fi in Message. 

Sign out and Sign in to your iCloud Account

  • Launch settings app on iPhone
  • Tap on Apple ID Name on Top.
  • Now, at bottom -> Tap on Sign Out
  • Enter Apple ID Password and Turn off find my iphone and tap turn off on top right corner.
  • If you want to keep a backup then turn off options and tap on sign out on top right corner.
  • Now, restart your iPhone and sign in back to your iCloud account.

Once you sign out of iCloud and sign back then any issues with iCloud syncing data or iCloud is not working or any other issue will be resolved.

Update your iPhone

If there is any new version of iPhone iOS update is available then you need to check for iphone update and download and install latest iOS version.

Plug iPhone to Charging Cable

You need to connect your iPhone to charging cable and if you don’t connect it to your charging cable then iPhone wont backup your data and check icloud started backup or not.

How do I stop iCloud from uploading Messages?

  • Open settings -> Tap on Apple ID Name
  • Tap on iCloud and Show all
  • Tap on Messages and turn it off – turn syncing off and iCloud will not backup messages to iCloud.

Why does my iPhone say uploading to iCloud paused in Messages?

This can happen due to not enough storage space on your iCloud account or if you are having wifi connectivity issues and if you are connected to mobile data then you will ran in to this issues and sign out and sign in back again to your iCloud account and force restart your iPhone and reconnect to wifi network  by using forget this network option and connect to wifi again.


Uploading to icloud paused iphone 13 messages

Force restart your iPhone and charge your iPhone and reconnect to wifi and switch from mobile data to wifi and turn off and turn on sync messages and turn off low power mode and update iphone to latest version and free up space.

How do I Pause iCloud uploads on my iPhone?

You need to turn off the syncing option on your icloud account settings by going to settings -> icloud and turn off sync and this will pause icloud uploads like photos, messages, etc for the option that you have turned off syncing option.

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