How to Open crdownload File (unconfirmed download) in windows 10

In windows 10 if you want to open crdownload file then you can open unconfirmed download file using an online tool or if it is media file you can use vlc media player or any other media file to open this crdownload file, so let’s see in detail how to open crdownload file in windows 10 in details below:

What is crdownload file in windows 10?

crdownloded file a file Name and it creates when your download file is resumed or stopped from downloading. If you have downloaded a file from internet and it has not completely downloaded then it is crdownload file or unconfirmed download file. Crdownloaded file is a file which you have downloaded but it haven’t competed downloading due to internet issue or any other issue and then you can see this file in your downloads folder as unconfirmed downloads as crdownload file.

How to open crdownload file in windows 10:

Change file extension name to open crdownload file in windows 10:

Step 1: Navigate to downloaded folder and locate your crdownload file or unconfirmed download file.

Step 2: Right click on unconfirmed download file or crdownload file and select properties.

Step 3: Click on file name and change the extension file name to mp4 format.

Step 4: Now click on open with and change and select open with to.

Step 5: Now select and pick the app (more apps) if it is mp4 select media like vlc media player.

Step 6: Now click apply and ok and click yes.

Step 7: Once you change the extension name of the crdownload file (unconfirmed download file) then you can open it easily.

That’s it, this is how you open crdownload file in windows 10 by just changing the file extension name and select the app to open.

Use online tool to open crdownload file in windows 10?

You can also choose to open crdownload file in windows 10 by using online crdownloaded tool as well.

Is crdowloaded file a virus?

Crdownloaded file can also be used by hackers to gain remote access and its not complety virus on your computer and this crdownloaded file creates due to incomplete downloads only which hackers use to exploit your computer and gain personal information of yours.

What is crdownloaded file?

crdownload file is extension name which generates when you have incomplete downloads or your internet connection gets dropped while you are trying to download a file on your computer using chrome.

Can I open crdownload file or incomplete download file in windows 10?

Yes! You can open them by changing file extension name and open it via respective file name. ex: if it’s a media file change extension name to mp4 and open it with vlc and so on.

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