How to Fix Cursor Keeps Spinning Windows 11

  • To fix the cursor keeps spinning on windows 11 computer -> You need to open task manager and end the task of applications which are consuming heavy memory usage and fix the cursor spinning issue.
  • Run System Errors on Your Disk on your local c drive and close all heavy applications running in background.
  • You need to uninstall heavy applications like video editors, heavy softwares and check for malware or software installed on your windows pc and fix cursor keeps spinning on windows 11 computer.

On your windows 11 or 10 computer if your mouse cursor keeps spinning on its own and when you try to open a file or application or cursor keep loading in specific portion of screen windows 11 then you can fix this issue on your own by using task manager and end process of applications which are running in background and other methods. So, let’s see in detail below.

You can also experience issues like cursor not responding in a specific area of screen in windows 11 and windows 11 does not allow you to click and cursor keeps on spinning issue.

Cursor keeps spinning Windows 11

Below methods will help you fix cursors that keep spinning or cursor keeps spinning at specific points and does not allow clicking on parts of window.

Task Manager

search for task manager in windows search

Step 1: In windows search -> Search for task Manger and open task Manager and alternatively you can open task manager by pressing Control + Shift + ESC key on your windows computer.

find spooler subsystem app

Step 2: Now, scroll down and find spooler SubSystem App.

right click on spooler subsystem app and click on end task.

Step 3: Right click on spooler SubStstem App and Select End task.

That’s it, once you end task of spooler Subsystem on your windows 11 computer then your issue of browser keeps spinning on windows 11 computer will be fixed.

End task of Highest Memory Consuming App

Step 1: Open task manager and click on memory to see highest memory usage on your computer.

Click on memory to find highest consuming app on windows task manager

Step 2: Now, applications which are using high memory will be sorted when you click on it.

Step 3: Right click on the highest consuming memory applications like chrome or any applications which are open on your windows computer.

right click on highest memory consuming app and select end task

Step 4: Right click on the application and choose end task option for all applications which are consuming more memory.

Once you end task of highest consuming memory on your windows computer in task manager then you will not experience any issue of the mouse cursor keeps spinning on your windows pc or laptop.

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Fix System Errors on Your Disk

Step 1: Right click on your C drive and select properties.

Step 2: Click on tools tab.

Step 3: Now, click on check and this will check the drive for the system errors.

Step 4: Now, click on Scan Drive and wait for the scan to perform and this can take a little bit more time and it depends on your windows computer sometimes.

Once the system scan is completed then your issue of cursor spinning will be fixed.

Uninstall Heavy Software Applications

You need to uninstall applications which are causing the issue of cursor keeps spinning or loading and whenever you open a specific application and causing this issue of cursor keeps spinning then you need to uninstall that program or software from your windows 11 computer and get rid of cursor keeps spinning at specific portion or mouse cursor keeps spinning on its own or randomly.

Step 1: Click on windows search on taskbar and search for main dot cpl

Step 2: Open main dot cpl -> which will open mouse pointer settings on your windows computer.

Step 3: Click on pointer tab -> Select working in background option.

Step 4: Click on browse and select first option – aerp_arrow option -> Click on ok and apply settings.

That’s it, once you change these settings of your background mouse pointer settings then your issue of cursor spinning issue will be resolved successfully.

What Causes Cursor Keeps Spinning on Windows 11 Computer

If you are running too many applications on your computer or too many chrome tabs are open on your computer or it can be an application which is consuming more memory like photoshop, camtasia, video recording apps or editing apps or coding apps, then you will experience this issue and to fix this cursor spinning or cursor keeps loading and doesn’t stop spinning or loading on your windows 11. 

When you see cursor spinning means your windows application is running application in background and tasks are being performing on windows 11 computer without your notice and sometimes this can be an issue of malware software installed on your windows computer as well.

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