Fix Compressed Zipped Folder Is Invalid on Windows 11 or 10

How to Fix Compressed Zipped Folder Is Invalid on Windows 11 or 10

  • To fix compressed zipped folder is invalid error on windows 11 or 10 -> Reinstall file compressor tool and open compressed folder.
  • Restart windows file explorer and fix zip errors using win rar application.
  •  You need to Configure Folder Optimisation Settings and let windows optimize settings and update your windows 11 computer to latest version.

On  your windows 11 or 10 computer when you are trying to open a compressed zip file or compressed zipped folder and you get to see an error message “Compressed Zipped Folder Is Invalid on Windows” then you can fix this issue easily. So, let’s see in details below.

When you open zip folder you will get a message “windows cannot complete the extraction the compressed zipped folder is invalid” and cant open zip file on windows 11 or 10  and any compressed zip folder error on windows computer.

Fix Compressed Zipped Folder Is Invalid on Windows 11 or 10

Follow below troubleshooting methods to fix compressed zipped folder errors file is invalid error on windows 10 

Reinstall File Compressor Tool

First thing you need to try is go ahead and uninstall compressor tool software installed on your windows computer like winrar or any other compressor software and restart your computer if required and reinstall file compressor tool on windows computer.

Restart Windows File Explorer

Step 1: On your windows keyboard press windows key + X and open quick access menu.

Step 2: Now, Click on Task Manager

Step 3: In Task Manager -> On top menu click on file and click on create new task.

Step 4: Now, type explorer and hit enter or click on ok.

Once you restart your windows file explorer then your issue of compressed zipped folder are not opening on windows 11 computer will be fixed successfully.

Fix Zip Errors Using WinRar

You can use winrar application and fix compressed folder errors on your windows computer.

Step 1: Right click on the corrupted zip folder and click on run with winrar option.

Step 2: Now, click on tools menu on top and select repair archive

Step 3: Now, select radio button -> treat the corrupt archive as zip.

Step 4: Now, click on browse button and select the destination folder to save the repaired uncompressed zip file and click on ok.

Wait for the winrar tool to repair your corrupted compressed folder and once done, go ahead and open the compressed folder on your windows 11 computer and your issue of Compressed Zipped Folder Is Invalid on Windows 11 or 10 computer will be fixed successfully.

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Configure Folder Optimization Settings

Step 1: Right click on corrupted zip folder and select properties.

Step 2: Now, seelec the optimize tab -> Click on the optimize this folder for using drop down menu and select general items.

Step 3: Check the check box next to -> Also apply this template to all sub folders.

Step 4: Click on apply and ok.

Update Windows Computer

You need to check for windows updates and if a new version of windows update is pending then you need to update your windows computer to the latest version. SOmetimes due to the windows update also you can experience this issue of the compressed folder not opening on your windows 11 computer and the fix has been released by the next windows 11 update.