Face and Fingerprint Recognition Are Not Available on Windows


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  • Open Windows folder in C drive -> System 32 -> WinBiosPlugin -> FaceDriver -> Hello Face (inf) file and install inf default.
  • Disable and enable USB Drivers and problematic drivers and restart Credential Manager Service and select startup type to automatic and allow Service to interact with desktop

On your windows 11 or 10 computer when you are trying to setup face and fingerprint recognition lock using windows hello and you are getting an error message which says “Face and Fingerprint Recognition Are Not Available on Windows” and you need to update windows to latest version and reinstall biometric drivers on windows 11 or 10 computer.

Face and Fingerprint Recognition Are Not Available on Windows

Update Windows to Latest Version

Step 1: Open windows settings

VD - Disabled

Step 2: On left side search bar -> Search for windows update

Step 3: Click on check for updates and install windows 11 latest version.

If you are having outdated or older version of windows 11 version, then you can experience this issue and this can be an issue with bug as well and once updating windows will fix Fingerprint Recognition Are Not Available on windows error.

Install Biometric Hello Drivers – INF FIle Setup

Step 1: Open file explorer and click on This PC or Right click on Windows and select file explorer.

Step 2: Double click on Windows 

Step 3: Double click on System 32 folder

Step 4: Open WinBiosPlugins folder

Step 5: Open FaceDriver folder

Step 6: Right Click on Hello Face setup file and select Install and click on Yes to INF Default Install

Step 7: Once done you will get a pop up message – this operation has been completed.

Now, go ahead and check with fingerprint and face recognition and your issue of Face and Fingerprint Recognition Are Not Available on Windows or not working issue will be fixed successfully.

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Disable and Enable Drives in Device Manager

Step 1: Click on Window Search and type device manager and open it.

Step 2: Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers

Step 3: Click on Yellow icon USB Drivers and double click on it.

Step 4: Click on Drivers tab.

Step 5: Click on Disable Device and wait for 30 seconds and click on Enable Device.

Once you disable and enable problematic drivers on your windows device manger – usb drivers then Face and Fingerprint Recognition Are Not Available issue will be fixed.

Using Services

Step 1: Search services sin windows search and click on services and open it.

Step 2: FInd Credential Manager Service from the list of services and Double click on it.

Step 3: Next to Startup -> Select the drop down and select startup type as Automatic and Click on Apply.

Step 4: Click on Logon tab on top

Step 5: Check the box Allow Service to interact with desktop.

Step 6: Click on Apply and Ok and restart your windows computer.

That;s it, once you set Credential Manager services startup type to automatic and allow service to interact with desktop then you wont get any error Face and Fingerprint Recognition Are Not Available on windows laptop or computer.

Windows hello fingerprint this option is currently unavailable windows 11

Update windows 11 to latest version and reinstall inf biometric drivers and update USB Drivers and uninstall and reinstall fingerprint drivers.

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