Galaxy A53 Add Face ID - Face Recognition to Unlock Mobile

Galaxy A53 Add Face ID – Face Recognition to Unlock Mobile

  • To register face id on galaxy A53 and add face recognition to unlock your phone -> you need to go to Settings -> Biometric and security -> Face recognition and registry your face to your galaxy A53 and follow on screen instructions here.
  • Once you complete adding face id and register your face with galaxy A53 – you can unlock your galaxy mobile using your face.

On your galaxy A53 android mobile you can add face id as your password and unlock your galaxy A53 with your face and once you complete the setup process of Galaxy A53 face ID and add your face to your face id on your Galaxy A53 you can unlock your phone using your face like iPhone using biometric and security feature on Galaxy A53 mobile. 

Face Unlock feature is a new feature which is added to the Galaxy A53 face recognition and register your face, which gives users a new feature and gives the ability to unlock Galaxy A53 using your face id. So, let’s see in detail below.

Setup Galaxy A53 Add Face ID

Follow below steps to successfully setup face id and add face id to your galaxy A53 mobile.

Step 1: Open settings on your Galaxy A53 mobile

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Biometric and security options.

Step 3: Now, tap on the Face Recognition option and register your face with Galaxy A53 mobile.

Step 4: Enter your pin and if you haven’t setup any pin or password then you need to create a pin and password now. 

Step 5: Enter your pin or create a new pin from here first.

Step 6: Now in the face recognition screen -> Tap on continue and it will open a front camera and it will register your face.

Step 7: Make sure that your galaxy A53 mobile to complete face recognition of your face till 100 percent and once it says done then click on done option.

That;s it, this is how you register face recognition on your galaxy A53 and setup galaxy A53 Add face id face recognition on your galaxy A53 mobile.

Once you set up and complete the face unlock feature on your galaxy A53 then you need to use your face to unlock your galaxy A53 mobile and at the same time you can use your pin as well.

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How to Unlock Galaxy A53 with Face ID face Recognition  

To unlock galaxy A53 with face id face recognition you need to look at the phone straight to unlock your Galaxy A53 with face id and sometime you can experience issues like face id not unlocking as well and get to see  a message face not registered or recognized error message and you need to look into your galaxy A53 camera properly and it will unlock.

Cant unlock Galaxy A53 using Face id?

If you cant unlock Galaxy A53 using face id then you need to use pin or password and unlock your galaxy A53 and to unlock galaxy A53 you need to keep your face straight so that galaxy A53 should recognize your face and you need to keep your face same at the point how you registered your face when setting up when registering your face to galaxy A53 mobile.