How to Optimize for Google Featured Snippet SEO

How to Optimize for Google Featured Snippet SEO :

Everyone one will be concentrating and targeting to rank no.1 on Google apart from that now Google will be displaying featured snippet from Google and this is not the part of Google knowledge graph. Google is displaying featured snippet block at the top of the search result page and displaying featured snippet is totally algorithmic and what users see when they search for a specific query and it may appear sometimes and it may not appear sometimes.

What is Google Featured Snippet?

Google featured snippet is a normal snippet which is highlighted with special layout. Google featured snippet is a piece of block which is displayed on the top of the Google organic search results for a specific query when users search on their devices. Google featured snippet looks like a big block extracting content from website and image at the right side and which Google decides to display a featured snippet or not for a specific query which is enhanced to draw user attention on the result of the page and giving user a visually organized Google featured snippet which is arranged via the on their website and for more check here.

How Google Featured Snippet Work :

If you are seeing a Google featured snippet for a specific search result on Google then most of the time these queries will be asking questions and looking for answers which are displayed on top of the result in a block named Google featured snippet and Google will detect the users query asking a question and displays answers in Google featured snippet.

How Google Feature Snippet Look :

Like all other snippet Google will be displaying in the organic search results Google featured snippets also has a different focus on displaying the view and design as well as organizing data which gives a nice look and feel with Google featured snippet and with an image displaying as well in a big block at the right of the Google featured snippet summarizing the users query by extracting and displaying content from the website.

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Example of Google Featured Snippet :

Example of Google featured snippet is below image :

How to Optimize for Google Featured Snippet :

1. There is no specific areas to improve your article to occupy Google featured snippet results. To optimize for Google featured snippet you need to be focusing on the users queries and content of your website asking questions and having enough and unique information on your website already.

2. Your website should be structured in a pleasant and amusing way having organized with markup and mobile friendly and giving users attention a good view and design.

3. Give more importance to your content in terms of answering users queries.

4. Optimize for already asked queries on your website

5. Explain answers in brief listing in item will be advantage

6. Google design and structure of your webpage

7. Implement structured data on your website

8. Optimize with Google title and description.

9. Browse Google for more questions and target those keywords by implanting in your own way.

10. Properly summarizing your website article.

How to Opt out for Google Featured Snippet :

If you don’t want Google to be displaying your search as Google featured snippet then you may opt out easily. Google also provides to opt out of the Google featured snippet by providing a Meta tag with no snippet tag attribute on your page and your website will not be displayed in Google featured snippet box.

Submit Feedback for Google Search Results :

IF you think that your article is better than the article which is displayed in Google featured snippet then Google always here to hear from Google search users and allows users to submit a feedback as well under Google featured snippet and also asking users how this Google featured snippet is helpful or not.

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