What is Anchor Text in SEO and Types of Anchor Text?

What is Anchor Text in SEO and Types of Anchor Text?

Anchor refers to the link text. Simply in other words the text what is on the link?. Its very important to keep anchor text varied to avoid a penalty. If you use the main keyword as your anchor text on most backlinks, you are likely to incur a penalty as it looks unnatural and would be considered an attempt to manipulate the algorithm for better ranking an another form of keyword stuffing. It is therefore a subtle dance between a sufficient numbers of target anchors. Anchors using the exact keyword and other types of anchor text.

Types of Anchor Text:

Lets use the keyword SEO text as an example for a fictional site call seotdotcom.

Target Anchor Text:

As described above, a target anchor uses the exact keyword: exact match SEO text or uses the exact keyword in a phrase which is phrase match best seo text

LSI Anchor Text:

Uses a synonym to the main keyword seo text

Brand Anchor Text:

Uses your brand name = your name or your company blog name.

Naked URL Anchor Text:

http:seot.dot com or seotdotcom.

Generic Anchor Text:

Click here = more info here and similar

Misc Anchor Text:

Unrelated words with the text as anchor.

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There is no one fits all solutions and anchor text ratios vary by niche. For important backlinks use target anchors and LSIs.

For press release and citation gigs only use branded or naked url anchor (never use the target keyword). In this way those two gigs can also b used to spread anchor text ratio if you ever get spread anchor text ratio if you ever get over optimized with too much target anchor.

Whenever you outsource link building you will be asked to provide a list of anchors that’s what the above referring to and most of all in the beginning don’t stress too much on it. No one will penalize you with brand new site, just be aware of the rules and use different anchors entire your link building and you will be fine and good to go in future and avoid penalties from Google ranking algorithms. By the time your site grows and starts ranking on page 1, you will be much more experienced and you will know how to correct from there if you are in need of correction if anything goes wrong.

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