On Page SEO Rules

On Page SEO Rules and Checklist

On Page SEO Rules:

In today’s online landscape the content of your website and make your website mobile friendly and responsive as well as when coming to on page seo checklist its important to see how that content is structured plays a major role in ranking and how your website ranks on Google there is different set of achieving them by simple on page SEO rules and on page seo checklist. Optimizing your website structure and content for search engines is called as On page SEO and is also referred as on site SEO. The Google algorithm continues to become more intelligent long gone are days when you simply stuff keywords in to article and instantly rank pages of your website. Now more than ever Google is paying attention to the relevancy of your website which means the depth of your content and how comprehensive are the topics discussed on the site and how important is content in SEO rules checklist.

On page SEO Checklist :

Now it’s time to focus on the practical steps involved in on page SEO and rules of on page SEO, the objectives and goals are clear a bit what action to be taken to achieve them as techniques there are many different things which can be applicable applied individually or a part of SEO rules and checklist if considered. There are many ways to do on page SEO and optimize likely there are wrong ways as well to optimize your content and look every piece of content with a fresh eye.

Use Short URLs :

Simple URL structure helps and organize your keyword content in URL. Short URLs tend to rank better than long URLs and its easy too to create short URLs on your site.

Include target Keyword in URL:

Include your target keyword of your article you want to rank in URL as well and this is can make large difference in your ranking and on page SEO rule and on page seo checklist as well to be considered. It’s simple but makes large difference in your rankings.

LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Keywords):

LSI keywords are words and phrases that search engine use to understand your content is about and closely related terms are called LSI keyword and it helps Google understand and your content topics.

Publish Long Content :

Publishing content is always the better way coz Google loves to keep very informative page on top of Google search results and provide it for users and as a on page SEO rules and checklist it’s a good technique to add more and useful information to that webpage.

Optimizing Title Tags:

Coming to optimizing title tags its very crucial and first priority by creating catchy and engaging titles tags it makes sense to start with this part of online content that internet users see whey the complete a search or looking for searching something on Google and getting them to your website by creating catchy and informative title tag provide. After user completing a search it also displays the website title and a piece of content which is called description to make users decide their entries to website are relevant factor of on page SEO rules.

Simply it means if a title is only five or six words in length it is worth making sure that they are the right ones and every word should be valuable and there should be no filler word and no casually added terms which should be aim for relevancy, engagement, and specificity and short titles convey a lot and it’s a good SEO with lot of information. It is possible to rank highly on search results page because title covers all of the boxes and still receive a slow rate of traffic.

External Links:

External links are links that reside on your pages that do not belong to your domain. Its always good to improve your posts with external links coz Google considers this as a ranking factor which sites they are linked and considers them as back link. High quality links will be having huge benefits in website ranking and most authoritative and useful to users.

Internal Links :

Internal links are those page in which your article on your or article will be having an anchor text to the informative text of that article pointing to other article of your website and you may link your other page on that article plays a vital role in on page seo checklist. This tells Google how in-depth your article is linked from one page to other.

Webpage Site Speed :

Webpage site speed of mobile and desktop will be considered differently with the following recent updates by Google mobile first indexing and webpage mobile and desktop are considered separately and indexing factor as well on desktop version and mobile version.

Related Coverage:

Site speed will be playing a main role in doing on page SEO a very challenging and also in search engine rankings. How much fast your website loads there is a change of ranking that much higher. The best way to optimize for site speed is check with Page speed insights tool provided by Google and it will tell you where to optimize your website media like images, gifs or your files like a JS file or CSS file.

Now as it’s a mobile first indexing it should be responsive and for optimizing media and all files like js and CSS you should go with CDN (content delivery network).

Use Multimedia:

Make good images for your website by creating beautiful visually attracting images and follow the image guidelines. Google when coming to image optimizing, it takes alt title of image as a good ranking signal.

For on Page SEO using lots of multimedia will be having a high factor in ranking as images and presenting users visually what they are expecting it’s always a good experience to give in a simple image demonstration will help users and will get indexed in Google Images and it will drive lot of traffic and it is also considered as the key factor and rules of on page SEO.