Importance of Content in SEO

Importance of Content in SEO:

When it comes to SEO there is only one rule content is King i.e. Quality content is king and better content will be always doing better SEO in search engines and wave ahead through success in Search Engine Optimization and the better and the best factor after creating good content and good keywords for search engine and by considering various types of users and their needs and create the content.

Improve Website SEO:

There are many ways you can improve your SEO and many of the strategies revolve around how you deliver and link to content and content can come in many forms like articles, directions, descriptions, photo galleries, video walkthrough, status updates sharing, recopies, artwork, music, ebooks and in many forms and the best way is to connect to users:

1. On Page SEO

2. Off Page SEO

Improving Content in SEO by Adding Links to ALL Content :

Search engines use the links on your site to index it. The main thing all SEO’s do for improving content is by putting useful information in their article and make it easy to find when user searches with specific keywords by targeting with keywords and also link to various sections of pages of your website using anchor links that are clear and brief by providing a logical architecture for your website in sections within like navigation and internal links and recommended links and navigational links as well and making users find relative links to other pages easily and insure the content and their relevant functions are easy to locate as well and link to all content of your pages somehow and find everything reasonable number of clicks and if you don’t link to a page its basically invisible and will never be found.

When you do link the content from page to page use a logical link names and clear languages that user understands and when link name matches with the corresponding page are best and found easily.

Don’t Link Too Many Links on Your Pages :

Don’t link too many pages on your pages as this sometimes makes user irritated and confused and adding too many links on your page will be affecting your SEO as well and when search engines crawls the page will be expecting you to provide main menu, links in the footer and other spots and for main body of content use links naturally and include relevant keywords in your site.

What Is Content Important :

Content writing is the process of writing information stuff for a website or for your blog to provide useful information to the users. Content writing plays a very important role in SEO as already known in SEO world that quality content is king and it remains the same. Google bot and other search engines loves content and freshness of content with spelling and grammar checks giving main importance.

Quality Content in SEO :

Quality content always remains the same at top and Google bot and other search engine loves freshness of pages and a quality of webpage providing all information a user is looking for on your webpage and arranging the keywords and twisting the paragraphs and putting the keywords and interlinking to other pages and not making a webpage as a doorway page and making it reach to the right users and identifying different terms that are important for you and your users with perfect planning and structuring your content and creating important content for your website.

Content Based SEO

Content based SEO is very tough always like all website content writers to get good ranking in organic search results with their own strategy of website owners and readability of SEO is also very important and url structure, keywords, interlinks.

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Importance of Keyword Density in SEO:

At one times keyword density use to play a vital role in importance of website content SEO by putting lot of keywords on your website for which keyword you want to rank on Google and everyone use to abuse their webpage with keyword density meaning putting lot of keywords which are not necessary on the page and adding anchor link to the keyword which they want to rank on Google search results. Google Banned lot of website on this basis of keyword density and abusing keywords and finally Google figured this out long time at early and updated Google algorithms. Now Google doesn’t look for keywords on a webpage their algorithms have updated and they just ignore keywords and if they detect any Google will ban from their search engine and de-index all webpage.

Keyword density is most often discussed term in important of content in SEO and this and this will refer to the measures of the number of times you use a keyword on a page. But use keywords naturally on your website instead of adding lot of keyword and not worrying about the keywords section when it comes to the importance of content in search engine optimization.

Using Images, videos, audio, animated graphics gifs, Inforgraphics and all will be adding a visual presentation on a webpage and use in various types of your content. The more ways you offer content on your website to your users with the specific format the better chances to rank in search engines like video presentation, downloadable pdf, printing page etc.

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