Importance of Google Crawling and Indexing in SEO

Importance of Google Crawling and Indexing in SEO

Importance of Google Crawling and Indexing in SEO:

In search engine optimization crawling and indexing, ranking are very often words used by seo’s and webmasters. Google search engine robots will be crawling your WebPages and after crawling they will be indexed in Google search engine based up on their algorithms and uniqueness of content & also taking into account the trust and authority associated with the sites with perceived importance. Now let’s see what is the importance of crawling and indexing in seo now and how search engine works.

What is Google Crawling :

Crawling is the process of fetching all the webpages linked to a website. This task is performed by software called a crawler or spider for googlebot. Google web crawlers can reach your site on a network level. In order to crawl by google bot you have to make sure that your content is accessible by google bot and it can discover your content and also check that your content does not hide by Javascript or any, if your content is hided google bot will be unable to discover your content when google bot performing crawling process.

Blocking googlebot will be directly affecting the ability of google bot crawling process to index your content of your website.

Importance of Google Crawling and Indexing, Ranking SEO:

What is Google Crawling in SEO:

Crawling and indexing billions of webpages (pages an files) on the web and to offer the best possible results googlebot spiders or search engines will attempt to discover all the public pages on the web and then present the ones that best match up with the users search query. The first step in the process is crawling the web and what does crawling and indexing mean in detail.


The search engines stat with a starting point set of sites that are already know to be very high quality sites and then visiting the links on each page of those sites to discover other webpages through links search engine automated robots called crawlers or spiders can reach the many billions of interconnected documents. This process repeats over and over again until the crawling process is done as the web is so large this process is extremely complex. In fact search engines became aware of those pages that they choose not to crawl because they are not likely to be important enough to return in search results.

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Once they have retrieved the a page during the crawl their next job is to parse the code from them and store the pieces of pages in a massive array of hard drives, to be recalled when needed in query . This is a massive database that catalogs all the significant terms on each page crawled by a search engine and lot of other data is also recorded like maps, anchor text links, that can be accessed in a fraction of seconds.

Starting with a known set of websites enables search engines to measure how much they trust the other websites that they find through the crawling process and how link influence search engine ranking. By this process googlebot crawling and indexing takes places.

What is Google Indexing in SEO:

Google indexing is the process of creating index of all the fetched web pages and keeping them into a gaint database from where it an later be retrieved based up on the users relevant query and serve the web pages.

Understanding Google indexing in seo is important and helpful to seo practitioners as this determines what actions to take to meet their goals and returning the results of your webpage for a relevant or exact query on the web in order to convince the user query and returning results from google index is called google indexing in seo and there are many techniques and influences as well to make to search engine bot to rank in google search engine.

If you have placed no index meta tag on your webpage google crawler will be able to crawl the webpage but the web page will not be indexed if google crawlers see noindex tag on your webpage. Webmasters and seo’s use noindex tag if they don’t want their webpage to be indexed on google.

How to check your website is Not Blocked for Google and Indexing:

To make sure your important and valuable content is crawled by google bot or spiders, there is a tool provided in search console by robotx.txt tester or url inspection tool to check whether your content is blocked for google or not by just putting your website path in it and performing a check whether your website or piece of content is blocked for google bot or not.

Google Indexing Tool

When it comes to the part of checking how many pages are indexed in google, google provides easy methods to find out how google indexing pages of your website, and the best and perfect way google allows us to check is by google webmaster tools or google search console tool which tells how many pages of you website are indexed on google and how they are performing on google search (SERP) position also.

Google Indexing Pages in Search Console

Under Index coverage section Google also let you know how many pages google indexing and how many pages are

1. Discovered but not indexed (Which is they are not part of google index)

2. how many pages are crawled by google.

3. How many pages are excluded by google.

4. How many pages have Crawl issues

5. How many pages have crawl anomaly

6. Crawled but not indexed.

7. Submitted But not indexed.

8. Page with Redirect

9. Excluded by no index no follow tag

10. Indexed Not submitted in Sitemap

Crawling and Indexing Problems

If google bot says crawling and indexing problem due to number of various factors you just have to see how google bot renders your webpage at real time for that you have to run a fetch in google webmaster tool or search console section fetch your website specific url and if status comes with 200 ok response and headers returns ok and google bot is able to crawl and render your webpage successfully then you dont have to worry, just submit the website url in fetch as google tool then google automatically crawls that particular url and starts crawling and indexing process as soon as you submit the url and crawling indexing process only happens when your desired url meets the guidelines of google search console then it will be crawled and indexed.