Why Webmaster Tools Search Queries No Data Available

Why Webmaster Tools Search Queries Shows No Data Available

Why Webmaster Tools Search Queries Shows No Data Available:

If your webmaster tools search queries in search console says no data available that means there is no enough data or search queries happened on your website to show you the results in search console and there are many other reasons as well to show search queries no data available such as picking up the wrong date and selecting the wrong date in which search queries there is no enough data to show up in desired sleeted date range, there is nothing wrong with the website or nothing to worry when search console or webmaster tools search queries shows no data available.

August 19th 2018 Search Query filter Data Has been Changed:

It may be because search console query data have been changed recently by google, now search console query report data changes from august 19th and the query reports have been changed officially now. Charts of search query will no longer include anonymous or rare queries when you apply a query filter in webmaster tools.

Previously, the chart total includes all search queries all anonymous queries or hidden search queries when queries not containing filter was applied. Because of this you may see a bit of drop in search queries when adding a filter that excludes specific queries and Google is omitting those anonymous queries as they are few users query and also taking into protecting privacy of users. Few sites may be having a large number of anonymous queries and will be a seeing a large drop in clicks and impressions. There is no need to worry as this will not affect your website ranking but they are hided in search analytics queries only I guess.

Reasons why Webmaster Tools Search Queries No Data Available:

As said there are many reasons in webmaster tools search queries to show no data available like picking and selecting the wrong date and here are the few other reasons below:

Selecting Wrong Property in Search Console:

If you select the wrong property in search console i.e if you have www.asavyweb.com and seeing the data for httpS version asavvyweb.com selected as your property then data will not be shown as here both the properties have different data. Though both the properties have different data it will not be affecting your website traffic. All the versions of your domains of your will be redirected to httpS version so you have to check with httpS version property only. This is one of the reason you may see in webmaster tools search queries no data available.

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Selecting wrong Date in Search Console:

By default search queries in webmaster tools will be of last 28 days ,If you compare your data then there will be a difference in search queries and there may be no data when compared for one date to other, coz on specific date there may be no search queries happened or your website returned with search queries.

Search Query Filter Changed in Webmaster tools:

Search query filter reporting graph have been changed as it will not be taking in to account and useful to webmaster as anonymous queries in search console will be omitted and will not be shown in search query filter when applied. Anonymous queries are now omitted by google to show up in search query.