Google Removed Content Keyword from Search Console

Google Removing “Content Keywords” from Search Console

Google earlier decided to remove content keywords last year and now google removed content keyword option from search console permanently. Earlier this is the only way to know how website content keywords plays a role in indexing website and also how google crawls and how it works ranks the websites as per the content keywords.

And Now its content keyword is gone from search console

Benefits of Content Keywords:

With the content keyword section in search console we can see the how your website is ranked based upon which keywords website is ranked. We can analyse the keywords easily with that section and improve the website ranking in google organic search results.

Saying Good Bye to Content Keywords:

Now google finally decide to retire the content keywords feature in search console. The words on your pages, the keywords if you will, are still important for Google’s (and your users’) understanding of your pages. While our systems have gotten better, they can’t read your mind: be clear about what your site is about, and what you’d like to be found for. Tell visitors what makes your site, your products and services, special!