What are Google Rich Snippets

What are Google Rich Snippets and Results?

What are Google Rich Snippets?

When you do a search on Google search you get a list of search results and list of websites which Google thinks they are helpful search results displaying them which is Google search engine ranking. Lot of people do lot of hard work and put lots and lots of content to get in to the first page results of google search results and they end up in achieving them in first page results of Google search.

Previously Google use to display results which are not properly organized and show user when they perform a search by ending up showing title of the website, description, url of the website and a little bit of content in Google search results as google rich snippets.

A Rich snippet or result is nothing but a results which includes styling images, breadcrumb, and other features.

Google Normal Search without Google Rich Snippet:

In normal search results Google will help you show results with plain link text and title and description without any enhancements attached to the result. Now with Google rich snippets Google will help you visually organize the search results via mobile and desktop and organizing them with Google rich snippets by arranging data which is visually well organized way.

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Google Rich Snippets Results:

Google Rich snippets snippet results shows a brief visualization of user performed search and returns a good organized view of search results helping user to understand easily what her searched for at his first view of his search results and Google rich snippets provides more visually organized data and also the schema markup which helps Google search engines to pull the data and display it as a Google rich result.

Schema Markup for Google Rich Snippets:

Google rich snippets can be achieved by adding structure data markup on your website and have a valid structured markup on your website by testing it on Google structure data and also in Google rich results testing tool.

There are many number of Google Schema Markup that supports Google rich snippets and they are and list of structure data rich snippet markup in detail provided by Google:

How to Get Rich Snippet Results in Google Search:

Google will only show rich snippet results only if you add proper and as recommended structured data on your website and having a valid structure data on your website. It’s not mandatory that you add Google structured data markup and see the results as rich results. Google will decide which are the pages and queries and will display as necessary for the user query. It’s completely and totally algorithmic rich snippet results will be displayed.

Do Rich Snippets Help SEO:

Yes Rich snippets do help SEO and the main reason is when you add structure data to your website it helps Google bot to understand your website structure and text which you are having and which makes easy for Google bot to crawl your website and rank accordingly and get an advantage of rich snippet result enhancement.

Implement Google Rich Snippets:

To Implement Google rich snippets all you have to do is follow the instructions as provide by google and schema.org and implement Google structure data and then after adding you will be eligible for appearing in Google rich snippets.

QnA Rich results:

Recipe Structured data markup

Review Structured Data markup

Article Structured Data markup

Recipe Structured Data markup

Job Posting Structured Data Markup

Carousel and Book Structured Data markup.

Above is the list of structured data which is eligible for appearing as rich snippets search results in Google organic search results and have enhancements in search result features.