Say Goodbye to Clutter: How to Optimize Your Phone’s Storage

Are you an Apple user with a sluggish iPhone? As time passes, your device accumulates surplus data from old apps, documents, and photos, which takes up storage space and slows it down. But don’t worry, we have a guide on how to increase iPhone storage that is not occupied by data.

How to Optimize Your Phone's Storage

How to Optimize Your Phone’s Storage?

#1 Optimizing Photo Storage

Is your iPhone running low on space due to photo storage? You can easily save space by enabling a setting that will store smaller photo files locally instead of the original versions. The full-resolution photos and videos will be stored in iCloud and can be downloaded when needed. To turn on this feature, simply open your Settings app, go to Photos, and make sure the Optimize iPhone Storage option has a blue checkmark next to it. Preserve your precious memories while freeing up space on your device with this simple solution.

#2 Delete Message Data or Conversations

Want to free up some space on your phone by deleting old text messages? Deleting conversations or individual messages, as well as attachments like photos and videos, can save you a lot of space.

To delete a whole conversation, just open Messages, swipe left on the conversation, and tap Delete twice.

If you want to delete just a few messages, go into the conversation and tap and hold on to the message you want to delete. Tap More and select the bubble next to each message you want to delete, then tap the Trash and Delete Messages buttons.

To keep your conversations but get rid of the attachments, head to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages.

#3 Delete Unused IPhone Data

What needs to be done for iPhone boost? That’s right, clear the device storage of unused data. This is especially true if the message appears: “Clean up more memory on your device”. To quickly boost your phone, it is wise to use a special application. There are some applications that carry out smart cleaning of memory from unused pictures, music, movies, contacts, and other data. The best, in our experience, is Cleaner for iPhone by IT Research with its powerful scanning systems. All it takes to clean up an iPhone is to run a scan in the app. The garbage will be removed automatically, and the other application will allow you to select manually.

#4 Move Your Data 

When your iPhone is running out of space, finding ways to clear it up can be challenging. If other solutions have failed, the best option is to move your data elsewhere. Cloud services like iCloud, Google Photos, Google Drive, and Dropbox are perfect for transferring or backing up your photos, videos, music, and documents. However, if you need extra storage, you can purchase an external flash drive from Amazon. Setting it up might take a little bit of time, but it is a secure solution compared to storing your data in the Cloud.

#5 Change Video Quality

Improve your camera’s storage capacity by changing its video recording settings from 4K 60 fps to 1080p. Follow these steps: go to Settings, select Camera, and choose Record Video. Enjoy clear and stunning photos while optimizing your device’s storage space.

#6 Reduce Motion on iPhone

Speed up your iPhone with just a few clicks! Go to Settings → Accessibility → Motion and turn on Reduce Motion and Prefer Cross-Fade Transitions. By doing so, your phone will perform daily tasks more efficiently and responsively. Are you experiencing a slowdown when receiving iMessages with special effects? No sweat! Simply turn off Auto-Play Message Effects to boost performance.

#7 Delete Podcasts

If you’re a fan of podcasts, you may have noticed your phone rapidly filling up with hours of downloaded episodes. This can be a problem for your device’s storage capacity. Luckily, deleting podcasts you no longer need is a simple solution. Just open your Apple Podcast or Spotify app and clear some space by removing old episodes.

#8 Automatically Delete Old Messages

Did you know that freeing up space on your iPhone involves more than just deleting photos and apps? Old text messages could be eating up valuable storage space too. Luckily, there is a simple solution. Head to your iPhone’s Settings, select Messages and tap on Keep Messages. This allows you to customize how long your message history is retained – whether it’s for 30 days, one year, or forever. Give your iPhone the digital spring cleaning it deserves!

#9 Keep iTunes Music and Video to a Minimum

Are you struggling with limited iPhone storage due to bulky music and video files? Don’t sacrifice your precious photos and apps – free up space quickly by deleting unused files. Don’t worry, if you purchased them from iTunes, you can always download them again at a later date. It’s that simple! Keep your iPhone clutter-free and enjoy the things that truly matter.

#10 Delete Videos and Music from Apps 

Clear up space on your phone by easily deleting offline videos and music. Head to Settings, then General, and choose iPhone Storage. Locate the app where you have downloaded offline content, like Netflix, to view its storage information and delete or offload it. For downloaded videos, swipe left and press delete. Keep your phone streamlined and organized with these simple steps.


Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to master the art of decluttering your phone’s data. Always remember to regularly check and delete apps that you don’t use, back up your documents in the cloud, as well as transfer high-quality photos and videos to your external storage drive.

With these tips in mind, you can rest assured that your device will run smoothly for years to come. Now time to enjoy all those extra gigabytes you just freed up. You don’t need to be a neat freak when it comes to decluttering on a regular basis – just set yourself a reminder every couple of months so you can get the job done quickly and painlessly before it starts becoming an issue. Goodbye clutter, hello convenience!

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