How to fix Stuck on Checking info Loop Google Play Store

  • To fix Stuck on Checking info Loop on your android device or Google Play Store you need to force restart your android device and try checking for update and try to sign in to Google Play store.
  • Change wifi network and try Clearing cache and all data of Google Play Services and Google Play store application.
  • You can also try using VPN and activate it and sign in with different google account and fix stuck on checking info loop on Google Play store.

If you have just performed factory reset and you are experiencing issue of Stuck on checking info after factory reset or stuck on checking info loop and it keeps on spinning on checking info for long time and after checking info loop black screen or netflix stuck on loading screen or oneDrive stuck then you can easily fix this checking info loop on your android device or on Google play store easily. So, let’s see in details below.

When you try to sign in to google play store to install latest android apps and click on sign in and your android mobile stuck on checking info loop on play store and Sometimes it can be your new phone stuck on checking info as well and it can be any app which you are trying to update it or check for updates and apps like bluestacks, parallel space or it can be mi phone checking info or samsung mobile or amazon fire tablet or any other devices. 

How to fix Stuck on Checking info Loop

Below troubleshooting methods will help you fix stuck on Checking info Loop on android device play store or google play services missing error and get rid of checking info loop error on android devices

Turn on Airplane Mode and Turn it OFF

Step 1: Swipe from top to bottom and access notification area

Step 2: Now, tap on airplane mode and turn if on

Step 3: Wait for 20 to 30 seconds and turn OFF airplane mode.

Refresh network issues once you turn ON Airplane Mode and turn OFF airplane mode then if there are any network issues then they will be fixed and your issue of checking info loop on android will be fixed. If you still have the issue then try these other methods.

Connect to Other WIFI Network and Change wifi to Mobile

Step 1: Swipe from top to bottom and tap on wifi

Step 2: Now, touch and hold wifi icon and and select other wifi network and connect to other wifi network

Step 3: Also try changing by turning off the wifi network and connecting it to your  mobile data.

Changing wifi network and switching it from your wifi network to any other wifi network will solve issues with network and switching from your wifi to mobile or connecting it to different wifi network will solve your issue of android play store checking info.

Clear Cache and Clear Data of Google Play Services

Step 1: Open Settings app on your Android device

Step 2: Go to Apps -> Tap on See All Apps

Step 3: Scroll down or on top search bar search for Google Play Services and tap on it.

Step 4: Google Play Services -> Tap on Storage and Cache

Step 5: Tap on Clear cache

Step 6: Tap on Mange Spac and Tap on Clear All Data and confirm deleting app data on Google 

That;s it, Once you delete cache and clear all data of Google Play Services then your issue of android phone Stuck on Checking info Loop will be fixed and sometimes due to cache and all data of google play service also you will get this error.

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Clear Cache and All Data of Google Play Store

Step 1: Go to apps section -> Select see all apps

Step 2: Locate Google Play Store and tap on it.

Step 3: Now, tap on clear cache and clear storage and confirm deleting all cache files and all data files of Google Play Store app.

Step 4: Now, Go ahead and restart your android device and check your issue of stuck of checking for info will be fixed successfully.

That’s it, you need to clear cache and Storage Data and delete all files of Google Play store cache files and local database files, all data files of your Google Play store app to fix android mobile stuck on checking info screen.

Backup and Reset Your Device

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Google  ->  Backup

Step 3: Tap on  Backup & Reset (Google drive)

Step 4: Select Backup Account and restore backup Account 

Once you backup your account to your google drive then you need to reset your android device and start settings up your android device and restore backup from backed up account and your issue will be resolved and you will not face error messages like being stuck on checking info play store or after factory reset.

What to do if my phone is stuck on verifying update

Sometimes a simple force restart will help you fix this issue on stuck on verifying updates and try verifying updates.

If not then you need to update apps and clear cache and data of google play store and google play services and reset apps and use backup and restore and reset your android device.

Bluestacks stuck on checking info

Force restart your bluestack app and If you are getting checking info error on your android with bluestacks then you need to use vpn and try clearing cache and clear all data of bluestack app

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