How to Fix LG Smart tv SSL Handshake Failed

If you encounter an SSL handshake failed issue on your LG smart tv you get confused about what is SSL handshake failed error. With this you get frustrated. So, here in this post we are mentioning some methods to it.

What is SSL Handshake 

Let’s look into the abbreviation of SSL is secure sockets layer is a protocol which used to authenticate transfer of data between external systems like browser and servers. In order to secure you’re website you need HTTPS which is an advanced version of http. While SSL handshake is the first for establishing http connection.

What is SSL Handshake Failure

Sometimes you may face the issue of SSL handshake failure or error 525 means that your browser and server unable to establish proper connection. This may takes place due to various reasons 

How to Fix LG Smart tv SSL Handshake Failed

Follow below methods to fix lg smart tv ssl handshake failed error. 

Client side reasons 

  • Browser configuration failure 
  • A connection intercepted by third party
  • Due to wrong time or date on client devices

Server side reasons 

  • While certificate invalid, expired or incomplete 
  • Are protocol used by client does not supported by server 
  • Are cipher suite mismatched.

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Configure Browser to latest SSL protocol

One of the best ways to overcome the issue is to configure your browser with the latest SSL protocol. Because the SSL handshake failure may take place due to browser misconfiguration. For this you can reset your browser to default settings or disable any plugins. You can check the issue by following the steps.

Step 1: First open browser and move ahead to settings option

Step 2: Next, Select advanced option, which displays huge options

Step 3: After that choose system option and tap on open your computer proxy settings

Step 4: It will open a new window, now choose the advanced tab from security section.

Step 5: Now check whether you checked the box of TLD 1.2

Ensure that cipher suite matches

If you are still facing the issue and you want to overcome it, then check the cipher suite model. If you don’t know the exact meaning of cipher suite then here we are describing it, it is a term of set of algorithms, which had key exchange, message authentication code, bulk encryption etc., which used for SSL network connection. If cipher suite of server don’t support or mismatch with cloudflare, which will result in SSL handshake failed error.

If you want to know whether it is cipher suite mismatch, now analyse SSL server test. For this you need to input your domain and tap on submit. Their you will find the summary of page analysis . From that you can find cipher suites section information.

Update system time and date

Whenever if you’re system following wrong time or date which may interpret the SSL handshake. If you’re time and date of the system clock if different with actual time you may encounter this issue. 

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